Defined in file docsum.asn
C++ class: CAssembly

Assembly ::= SEQUENCE {
  attlist SET {
    --dbSNP build number defining the rsid set aligned to this
    --						assembly
    dbSnpBuild INTEGER,
    --assembly build number with possible 'subbuild' version
    --						numbers to reflect updates in gene annotation (human e.g. 34_3, 35_1,
    --						36_1)
    genomeBuild VisibleString,
    --High-level classification of the assembly to distinguish
    --						reference projects from alternate solutions. GroupLabel field from
    --						organism/build-specific ContigInfo tables. "reference" is occasionally used
    --						as the preferred assembly; standards will converge as additional organism
    --						genome projects are finished. Note that some organism assembly names include
    --						extended characters like '~' and '/' that may be incompatible with OS
    --						filename conventions.
    groupLabel VisibleString OPTIONAL,
    --Name of the group(s) or organization(s) that generated the
    --						assembly
    assemblySource VisibleString OPTIONAL,
    current BOOLEAN OPTIONAL, --Marks the current genomic assembly
    reference BOOLEAN OPTIONAL
  component SEQUENCE OF Component OPTIONAL,
  snpStat SEQUENCE {
    attlist SET {
      --summary measure of placement precision in the
      --									assembly
      mapWeight ENUMERATED {
        unmapped (1),
        unique-in-contig (2),
        two-hits-in-contig (3),
        less-10-hits (4),
        multiple-hits (5)
      --number of distinct chromosomes in the
      --									mapset
      chromCount INTEGER OPTIONAL,
      --number of distinct contigs [ gi |
      --									accession[.version] ] in the mapset
      placedContigCount INTEGER OPTIONAL,
      --number of sequence postions to a contig with
      --									unknown chromosomal assignment
      unplacedContigCount INTEGER OPTIONAL,
      --total number of sequence positions in the
      --									mapset
      seqlocCount INTEGER OPTIONAL,
      --Number of hits to alternative genomic haplotypes
      --									(e.g. HLA DR region, KIR, or pseudo-autosomal regions like PAR)
      --									within the assembly mapset. Note that positions on haplotypes
      --									defined in other assemblies (a different assembly_group_label
      --									value) will not be counted in this value.
    snpStat NULL