Defined in file blast.asn
No C++ class for INTEGER with named values

Blast4-error-code ::= INTEGER {
    -- A conversion issue was found when converting to/from blast3 from/to 
    -- blast4 protocol in the blast4 server
    conversion-warning		(1024),

    -- Indicates internal errors in the blast4 server
    internal-error          (2048),
    -- Request type is not implemented in the blast4 server
    not-implemented         (2049),
    -- Request type is not allowed in the blast4 server
    not-allowed             (2050),
    -- Malformed/invalid requests (e.g.: parsing errors or invalid data in request)
    bad-request             (2051),
    -- The RID requested is unknown or it has expired
    bad-request-id          (2052),
    -- The search is pending
    search-pending          (2053)