Defined in file cdd_access.asn
C++ class: CCDD_Reply

CDD-Reply ::= SEQUENCE {

        -- request's serial number, copy from request
        serial-number  INTEGER OPTIONAL,

        error          CDD-Error OPTIONAL,

        -- true if this reply is the last one for the request
        -- false if more replies will follow
        end-of-reply   NULL OPTIONAL,

        reply CHOICE {

                -- no data found for the request
                empty                 NULL,

                -- return blob-id for get-blob-id request
                get-blob-id           CDD-Reply-Get-Blob-Id,

                -- return Seq-annot for get-blob request
                get-blob              Seq-annot,

                -- return (Seq-annot + blob-id) for get-blob-by-seq-id OR get-blob-by-seq-ids request
                get-blob-by-seq-id    CDD-Reply-Get-Blob-By-Seq-Id