Defined in file cdd.asn
C++ class: CCdd_book_ref

Cdd-book-ref ::= SEQUENCE {             -- record a link to Entrez Books
  bookname      VisibleString,          -- abbreviated book title
  textelement   ENUMERATED { unassigned(0),   -- type of element 
                             section(1),      -- a section or paragraph
                             figgrp(2),       -- a figure or set of figures
                             table(3),        -- a table
                             chapter(4),      -- a whole chapter
                             biblist(5),      -- a lisf of references
                             box(6),          -- an inserted box
                             glossary(7),     -- glossary
                             appendix(8),     -- appendix
                             other(255) },
  elementid     INTEGER OPTIONAL,       -- numerical address of the text-element
  subelementid  INTEGER OPTIONAL,       -- exact address, used with section
  celementid    VisibleString OPTIONAL, -- address of the text element, if character string
  csubelementid VisibleString OPTIONAL  -- exact address, if character string