Defined in file cdd.asn
C++ class: CCdd_descr

Cdd-descr ::= CHOICE {
  othername     VisibleString,          -- alternative names for the CDD
                                        -- if domain has several common names
  category      VisibleString,          -- intracellular, extracellular, etc.
                                        -- to record spatial and/or temporal
                                        -- expression in free-text format
  comment       VisibleString,          -- this is where descriptions go
  reference     Pub,                    -- a citation describing the domain
  create-date   Date,                   -- Date of first creation/dump
  tax-source    Org-ref,                -- holds the highest common tax node
  source        VisibleString,          -- the database the seeds were created
                                        -- from, e.g. SMART, PFAM, etc..
  status        INTEGER { unassigned(0),
                          finished-ok(1),     -- a public curated CD
                          pending-release(2), -- needs work done, not yet released
                          other-asis(3),      -- imported as-is, immediate release
                          matrix-only(4),     -- CD holds a Psi-Blast PSSM only,
                                              -- does not contain alignment data
                          update-running(5),  -- has been flagged for
                                              -- update (in queue)
                          auto-updated(6),    -- update finished, no
                                              -- work necessary
                          claimed(7),         -- is earmarked for curation
                          curated-complete(8),-- public curated member of a
                                              -- completed family
                          other(255) },       -- for CD production?
  update-date   Date,                         -- Date of last version change
  scrapbook     SEQUENCE OF VisibleString,    -- for storing curation notes
                                              -- those won't make it into public
                                              -- distributions
  source-id     Cdd-id-set,                   -- for linking back to source db
  repeats       Cdd-repeat,                   -- to record repeat counts
  old-root      Cdd-id-set,                   -- to record short-term history
  curation-status INTEGER { unassigned(0),    -- to record curation status
                            prein (1),        -- when CD is checked out from
                            ofc (2),          -- the tracking database, for 
                            iac (3),          -- use within curation software
                            ofv1 (4),
                            iav1 (5),
                            ofv2 (6),
                            iav2 (7),
                            postin (8),
                            other (255) },
  readonly-status INTEGER { unassigned(0),    -- to record read-only status
                            readonly (1),     -- when CD is checked out from
                            readwrite (2),    -- the tracking database, for
                            other (255) },    -- use within curation software
  book-ref      Cdd-book-ref,                 -- links to Entrez/books
  attribution   Pub,                          -- add citations and/or author names
  title         VisibleString                 -- hold short descriptive text