Defined in file cdd.asn
C++ class: CCdd

Cdd ::= SEQUENCE {
  name          VisibleString,          -- a short name (can be the accession..)
  id            Cdd-id-set,             -- this CD's Ids
  description   Cdd-descr-set OPTIONAL, -- status, references, etc.
  seqannot      SEQUENCE OF Seq-annot    OPTIONAL,  -- contains the CD alignment
  features      Biostruc-annot-set       OPTIONAL,  -- contains structure
                                                    -- alignment data
                                                    -- or "core" definitions
  sequences     Seq-entry     OPTIONAL, -- store as bioseq-set inside seq-entry
  profile-range Seq-interval  OPTIONAL, -- profile for this region only
                                        -- also stores the Seq-id of the master
  trunc-master  Bioseq        OPTIONAL, -- holds the truncated master, which
                                        -- may be something like a consensus,
                                        -- uses the same sequence coordinate
                                        -- frame as the profile-range
  posfreq       Matrix        OPTIONAL, -- relative residue frequencies
  scoremat      Matrix        OPTIONAL, -- Position dependent score matrix
  distance      Triangle      OPTIONAL, -- pairwise distances for all seqs.
  parent        Cdd-id        OPTIONAL, -- this CD is the result of a split
  children      Cdd-id-set    OPTIONAL, -- this CD has been split, not used
  siblings      Cdd-id-set    OPTIONAL, -- related CDs (common hits), clusters
  neighbors     Cdd-id-set    OPTIONAL, -- co-occurring CDs, not used
  pending       SEQUENCE OF Update-align OPTIONAL,  -- contains alignments from
                                                    -- update or "lower panel"
  rejects       SEQUENCE OF Reject-id    OPTIONAL,  -- SeqIds of rejected CD-
                                                    -- members, ignore in update
  master3d      SET OF Seq-id OPTIONAL, -- record if CD has a 3D representative
  alignannot    Align-annot-set OPTIONAL,           -- alignment annotation
  style-dictionary Cn3d-style-dictionary OPTIONAL,  -- record rendering styles
  user-annotations Cn3d-user-annotations OPTIONAL,  -- user annotations in Cn3D
  ancestors     SEQUENCE OF Domain-parent OPTIONAL, -- list of parents
  scoreparams   PssmWithParameters       OPTIONAL,
  seqtree       Sequence-tree            OPTIONAL