Defined in file cn3d.asn
C++ class: CCn3d_style_settings

Cn3d-style-settings ::= SEQUENCE {
    name VisibleString OPTIONAL,                -- a name (for favorites)
    protein-backbone Cn3d-backbone-style,       -- backbone styles
    nucleotide-backbone Cn3d-backbone-style,
    protein-sidechains Cn3d-general-style,      -- styles for other stuff
    nucleotide-sidechains Cn3d-general-style,
    heterogens Cn3d-general-style,
    solvents Cn3d-general-style,
    connections Cn3d-general-style,
    helix-objects Cn3d-general-style,
    strand-objects Cn3d-general-style,
    virtual-disulfides-on BOOLEAN,              -- virtual disulfides
    virtual-disulfide-color Cn3d-color,
    hydrogens-on BOOLEAN,                       -- hydrogens
    background-color Cn3d-color,                -- background
    -- floating point parameters - scale-factor applies to all the following:
    scale-factor INTEGER,
    space-fill-proportion INTEGER,
    ball-radius INTEGER,
    stick-radius INTEGER,
    tube-radius INTEGER,
    tube-worm-radius INTEGER,
    helix-radius INTEGER,
    strand-width INTEGER,
    strand-thickness INTEGER,
    -- backbone labels (no labels if not present)
    protein-labels Cn3d-backbone-label-style OPTIONAL,
    nucleotide-labels Cn3d-backbone-label-style OPTIONAL,
    -- ion labels
    ion-labels BOOLEAN OPTIONAL