Defined in file gui_objects.asn
C++ class: CGBProject

GBProject ::= SEQUENCE {
    -- next counter for project items
    counter INTEGER DEFAULT 0,

    -- standard descriptors
    descr ProjectDescr,

    -- the core item we wrap
    core ProjectItem,

    -- a set of extra analyses perfromed by the user
    -- each of these may have descriptors
    extra ProjectFolder OPTIONAL,

    -- a copy of the original plugin message used to generate this project
    orig-message PluginMessage OPTIONAL,

    -- history of things done to this object
    history SET OF ProjectHistoryItem OPTIONAL,

    --name of the plugin that can handle External Data for the project
    data-plugin VisibleString OPTIONAL,

    --optional parameter for the data-plugin
    plugin-param VisibleString OPTIONAL,

    -- arbitrary annotations
    annot SET OF ProjectAnnot OPTIONAL,

    -- a set of data sources including data loader and data
    loaders SET OF LoaderDescriptor OPTIONAL,

     --- set of views, associated with project
    views SET OF ViewDescriptor OPTIONAL