Defined in file genome_collection.asn
C++ class: CGC_Genome

GC-Genome ::= SEQUENCE
    -- Gencoll identifier for this genome
    id SET OF Dbtag,

    -- project ID for this genome
    -- this is the ID for this asssembly and may reflect the submitter/source
    projects SET OF GC-Project OPTIONAL,

    -- Various attributes assigned at this level:
    -- biosrc, comments, publications...
    descr Seq-descr OPTIONAL ,

    -- official list of chromosome names
    -- this should be the complete expected set of chromosomes
    -- regardless of whether they are represented in *any*
    -- genomic part
    chr-names SET OF VisibleString OPTIONAL,

    -- the bits that make up this genome
    -- this preserves the expected display order
    parts SET OF GC-GenomicPart