Defined in file id1.asn
C++ class: CID1server_request

ID1server-request ::= CHOICE {
		init NULL ,             -- DlInit
		getgi Seq-id ,          -- get a gi given a Seq-id
		getsefromgi ID1server-maxcomplex ,   -- given a gi, get the Seq-entry
		fini NULL,               -- DlFini
		getseqidsfromgi	INTEGER, --get all Seq-ids of given gi
		getgihist	INTEGER, --get an historical list of gis 
		getgirev	INTEGER, --get a revision history of gi
		getgistate	INTEGER,  --get a state of gi
		getsewithinfo	ID1server-maxcomplex,
		getblobinfo	ID1server-maxcomplex