Defined in file id2.asn
C++ class: CID2_Reply

ID2-Reply ::= SEQUENCE {
        -- request's serial number, copy from request
        serial-number   INTEGER OPTIONAL,

        params          ID2-Params OPTIONAL,

        error           SEQUENCE OF ID2-Error OPTIONAL,

        -- true if this reply is the last one for the request
        -- false if more replies will follow
        end-of-reply    NULL OPTIONAL,

        -- reply data moved at the end to make it easier to construct
        -- the reply data manually from precalculated data
        reply CHOICE {
                init            NULL,
                empty           NULL,
                get-package     ID2-Reply-Get-Package,
                get-seq-id      ID2-Reply-Get-Seq-id,
                get-blob-id     ID2-Reply-Get-Blob-Id,
                get-blob-seq-ids    ID2-Reply-Get-Blob-Seq-ids,
                get-blob        ID2-Reply-Get-Blob,
                reget-blob      ID2-Reply-ReGet-Blob,
                get-split-info  ID2S-Reply-Get-Split-Info,
                get-chunk       ID2S-Reply-Get-Chunk

        -- additional error flag if the reply is broken in the middle
        -- of transfer.
        -- 'last-octet-string', and 'nothing' mean that
        -- client may use ReGet request to get the remaining data.
        discard         ENUMERATED {
                reply             (0),  -- whole reply should be discarded
                last-octet-string (1),  -- all data in embedded ID2-Reply-Data
                                        -- except last OCTET STRING is correct
                nothing           (2)   -- all data in embedded ID2-Reply-Data
                                        -- is correct, but is incomplete
        } OPTIONAL