Defined in file omssa.asn
C++ class: CMSChargeHandle

MSChargeHandle ::= SEQUENCE {
        calcplusone MSCalcPlusOne DEFAULT 1,  -- do we guess charge one?
        calccharge MSCalcCharge DEFAULT 2,    -- how do we handle charges?
        mincharge INTEGER DEFAULT 2,          -- if userange, what is the min?
        maxcharge INTEGER DEFAULT 3,          -- if userange, what is the max?
        considermult INTEGER DEFAULT 3,       -- at which precursor charge to consider +2 ions?
        plusone REAL,                         -- what % of peaks below precursor needed to call as +1
        maxproductcharge INTEGER OPTIONAL,    -- maximum product ion charge
        prodlesspre BOOLEAN OPTIONAL,         -- product charge always less thanor equal to precursor?
        negative INTEGER DEFAULT 1            -- negative ion search if -1, positive ion if 1