Defined in file omssa.asn
C++ class: CMSHits

        evalue REAL,     -- E-value (expect value)
        pvalue REAL,     -- P-value (probability value)
        charge INTEGER,  -- the charge state used in search.  -1 == not +1
        pephits SEQUENCE OF MSPepHit, -- peptides that match this hit
        mzhits SEQUENCE OF MSMZHit OPTIONAL,  -- ions hit
        pepstring VisibleString OPTIONAL,  -- the peptide sequence
        mass INTEGER OPTIONAL,  -- scaled experimental mass of peptide in Da
        mods SEQUENCE OF MSModHit OPTIONAL,  -- modifications to sequence
        pepstart VisibleString OPTIONAL,  -- AA before the peptide (depricated)
        pepstop VisibleString OPTIONAL,   -- AA after the peptide (depricated)
        protlength INTEGER OPTIONAL,      -- length of protein hit (depricated)
        theomass INTEGER OPTIONAL,        -- scaled theoretical mass of peptide hit
        oid INTEGER OPTIONAL,              -- blast library oid (depricated) 
	scores SEQUENCE OF MSScoreSet OPTIONAL, -- optional scores (for library search)
	libaccession VisibleString OPTIONAL     -- library search accesssion