Defined in file pcassay.asn
C++ class: CPC_AssayPanelMember

PC-AssayPanelMember ::= SEQUENCE {   
    mid        INTEGER,                                         -- ID for panel member 
                                                                -- if a kinase panel with 300 kinases, ID will range from 1 to 300  
                                                                -- TIDs of the same panel member to be grouped based on panel member ID
    name           VisibleString  OPTIONAL,                          -- short name for this panel member 
    description     VisibleString  OPTIONAL,                     -- description about specifics of this panel member
                                                                -- such as about cell line, or target information 
    protocol       SEQUENCE OF VisibleString    OPTIONAL,       -- Specific procedure used to generate results for the panel member
    comment        SEQUENCE OF VisibleString    OPTIONAL,       -- Comments or additional information
    target         SEQUENCE OF PC-AssayTargetInfo  OPTIONAL,    -- often provided for profiling assays across protein families
    xref           SEQUENCE OF PC-AnnotatedXRef    OPTIONAL,    -- annotated Cross-Reference Information
    activity-outcome-method  INTEGER  {                         -- Assay Outcome Qualifier
                               other              (0),          --   All Other Type
                               screening          (1),          --   Primary Screen Assay
                               confirmatory       (2),          --   Confirmatory Assay
                               summary            (3)           --   Probe Summary Assay
                             }                        OPTIONAL,
    dr                SEQUENCE OF PC-AssayDRAttr      OPTIONAL,  -- Dose-Response Attribution within the panel member
    categorized-comment SEQUENCE OF PC-CategorizedComment OPTIONAL
                                                                -- to report categorized description/comment by associating with a category title