Defined in file pcassay2.asn
C++ class: CPC_AssayTargetInfo

PC-AssayTargetInfo ::= SEQUENCE {
   name                    UTF8String,                     -- Molecular name of target
   mol-id                  CHOICE {                           -- database and identifier of the target molecule
                               gene-id              INTEGER,       -- target is a NCBI Gene ID
                               protein-accession    VisibleString, -- target is a NCBI Protein Accession
                               nucleotide-accession VisibleString, -- target is a NCBI Nucleotide Accession
                               other                VisibleString, -- target is beyond supported type (format = TYPE::RESOURCE::IDENTIFIER)
                               tax-id               INTEGER        -- target is a NCBI Taxonomy ID
   organism                BioSource               OPTIONAL,  -- Target Organism
   descr                   UTF8String              OPTIONAL,  -- Target Description  (e.g., cellular functionality and location)
   comment                 SEQUENCE OF UTF8String  OPTIONAL   -- Comments or Additional Information