Defined in file pcsubstance.asn
C++ class: CPC_Compound

PC-Compound ::= SEQUENCE {
    -- Tracking Information
    id             PC-CompoundType,                        -- Compound Qualifier (Type/ID)
    atoms          PC-Atoms                      OPTIONAL, -- AtomID/Type Information
    bonds          PC-Bonds                      OPTIONAL, -- BondID/Type/Atom Information
    stereo         SEQUENCE OF PC-StereoCenter   OPTIONAL, -- StereoCenter Descriptions
    coords         SEQUENCE OF PC-Coordinates    OPTIONAL, -- 2D/3D Coordinate Sets of Compound
    charge         INTEGER                       OPTIONAL, -- Provided Total Formal Charge  (Signed Integer)
    props          SEQUENCE OF PC-InfoData       OPTIONAL, -- Derived (computed) Properties
    stereogroups   SEQUENCE OF PC-StereoGroup    OPTIONAL, -- Relative stereochemistry groups
    count          PC-Count                      OPTIONAL, -- Counts of various properties
    vbalt          PC-Compounds                  OPTIONAL, -- Alternate Valence-Bond Forms
    groups         SEQUENCE OF PC-Group          OPTIONAL  -- Superatom groups