Defined in file pcsubstance.asn
C++ class: CPC_InfoData

PC-InfoData ::= SEQUENCE {
    urn            PC-Urn,                              -- Universal Resource Name  [for Value Qualification]
    value          CHOICE {                             -- Data Value
                          bval     BOOLEAN,                   -- Boolean or Binary
                          bvec     SEQUENCE OF BOOLEAN,       -- Boolean Vector
                          ival     INTEGER,                   -- Integer (signed or unsigned)
                          ivec     SEQUENCE OF INTEGER,       -- Integer Vector
                          fval     REAL,                      -- Float or Double
                          fvec     SEQUENCE OF REAL,          -- Double Vector
                          sval     VisibleString,             -- String
                          slist    SEQUENCE OF VisibleString, -- List of Strings
                          date     Date,                      -- Date
                          binary   OCTET STRING,              -- Binary Data
                          bitlist  BIT STRING                 -- Bit List (specialized version of Boolean vector)