Defined in file pcsubstance.asn
No C++ class for INTEGER with named values

PC-UrnDataType ::= INTEGER {
        -- Basic Data Types
        string                         (1),  -- String                             [maps to a VisibleString]
        stringlist                     (2),  -- List of Strings                    [maps to VisibleString list]
        int                            (3),  -- 32-Bit Signed Integer              [maps to an INTEGER]
        intvec                         (4),  -- Vector of 32-Bit Signed Integer    [maps to INTEGER vector]
        uint                           (5),  -- 32-Bit Unsigned Integer            [maps to an INTEGER]
        uintvec                        (6),  -- Vector of 32-Bit Unsigned Integer  [maps to INTEGER vector]
        double                         (7),  -- 64-Bit Float                       [maps to a REAL]
        doublevec                      (8),  -- Vector of Double                   [maps to REAL vector]
        bool                           (9),  -- Boolean or Binary value            [maps to a BOOLEAN]
        boolvec                       (10),  -- Boolean Vector                     [maps to BOOLEAN vector]

        -- Specialized Data Types
        uint64                        (11),  -- 64-Bit Unsigned Integer (Hex form) [maps to a VisibleString]
        binary                        (12),  -- Binary Data Blob                   [maps to an OCTET STRING]
        url                           (13),  -- URL                                [maps to a VisibleString]
        unicode                       (14),  -- UniCode String                     [maps to a VisibleString]
        date                          (15),  -- ISO8601 Date                       [maps to a Date]
        fingerprint                   (16),  -- Binary Fingerprint (Gzip'ped bit   [maps to an OCTET STRING]
                                             --   list w/ 4-Byte prefix denoting bit list length)

        unknown                      (255)   -- Unknown Data Type               [maps to a set of VisibleString]