Defined in file gui_objects.asn
C++ class: CPluginInfo

PluginInfo ::= SEQUENCE {
    ver-major       INTEGER,                -- major version number
    ver-minor       INTEGER,                -- minor version number
    ver-revision    INTEGER,                -- plugin-specific revision number
    ver-build-date  VisibleString,          -- date of build

    class-name      VisibleString,          -- text tag uniquely identifying
                                            -- this plugin
    menu-item       VisibleString OPTIONAL, -- menu item that will be shown
                                            -- in a GUI
    tooltip         VisibleString OPTIONAL, -- text for mouse-overs and status
                                            -- bars
    help-file       VisibleString OPTIONAL, -- location of the help file
                                            -- associated with this plugin

    -- if 'autorun' is true, we launch this
    -- plugin command at application startup

    -- if 'foreground-only' is true, then this plugin will run entirely
    -- in the foreground (main) thread.  This is a requirement of any
    -- plugin that services a GUI directly, as GUI components must be
    -- manipulated only in the foreground thread on some platforms
    affinity ENUMERATED {
    } DEFAULT background,

    -- the command and requirements
    -- for this plugin
    command PluginCommand,

    -- optional information about an icon suitable for this plugin
    -- this is managed as a named resource, with separate registration
    -- of the resource binding the name to an image
    icon-info PluginIconInfo OPTIONAL,

    -- here is the set of user types to which this plugin subscribes
    -- any object of these types will work for this plugin
    applicable-user-types SET OF PluginUserType OPTIONAL