Defined in file gui_objects.asn
C++ class: CPluginReplyAction

PluginReplyAction ::= CHOICE {
    -- add this item to the associated project
    add-to-project          NULL,

    -- launch a view named by the supplied argument
    new-view                VisibleString,

    -- launch a view named by the supplied argument
    new-composite-view      VisibleString,

    -- store this object for future use
    -- The string parameter is used as a caller-defined key for retrieval
    store                   VisibleString,

    -- create an empty project(s) for Raw item(s), takes plugin param as argument
    create-project          VisibleString,

    -- create single project for any number of Raw items
    create-single-project   VisibleString,

    -- attach loaded project to Project Manager
    attach-project          GBProjectHandle,

    -- refresh loaded project to Project Manager
    refresh-project          GBProjectHandle,

    --a dd an entry to the MRU list
    add-to-MRU              PluginMRUEntry,

    -- show an error message
    error                   VisibleString,

    -- execute 'run' on a named plugin with our results
    plugin-cmd-run          VisibleString,

    -- register object created by the plugin
    register-interface      NULL,

    -- report a warning to the user
    warning                 VisibleString,

    -- report an info-level message to the user
    info                    VisibleString