Defined in file scoremat.asn
C++ class: CPssmParameters

PssmParameters ::= SEQUENCE {

    -- pseudocount constant used for PSSM. This field corresponds to beta in 
    -- equation 2 of Nucleic Acids Res. 2001 Jul 15;29(14):2994-3005.
    pseudocount INTEGER OPTIONAL,             

    -- data needed by formatrpsdb to create RPS-BLAST databases. matrixName is
    -- populated by PSI-BLAST
    rpsdbparams     FormatRpsDbParameters OPTIONAL,

    -- alignment constraints needed by sequence-structure threader
    -- and other global or local block-alignment algorithms
    constraints     CoreDef OPTIONAL,

    -- bit score threshold for specific conserved domain hits
    bitScoreThresh  REAL OPTIONAL,

    -- bit score threshold for reporting any conserved domain hits
    bitScoreReportingThresh  REAL OPTIONAL,

    -- conserved functional sites with annotations
    annotatedSites  Site-annot-set OPTIONAL