Defined in file scoremat.asn
C++ class: CPssmWithParameters

PssmWithParameters ::= SEQUENCE {

    -- This field is applicable to PSI-BLAST and formatrpsdb.
    -- When both the intermediate and final PSSM data are provided in this
    -- field, the final data (matrix of scores and associated statistical
    -- parameters) takes precedence and that data is used for further
    -- processing. The rationale for this is that the PSSM's scores and
    -- statistical parameters might have been calculated by other applications
    -- and it might not be possible to recreate it by using PSI-BLAST's PSSM 
    -- engine.
	pssm        Pssm,

    -- This field's rpsdbparams is used to specify the values of options 
    -- for processing by formatrpsdb. If these are not set, the command 
    -- line defaults of formatrpsdb are applied. This field is used
    -- by PSI-BLAST to verify that the underlying scorem matrix used to BUILD
    -- the PSSM is the same as the one being specified through the BLAST
    -- Options API. If this field is omitted, no verification will be
    -- performed, so be careful to keep track of what matrix was used to build
    -- the PSSM or else the results produced by PSI-BLAST will be unreliable.
    params      PssmParameters OPTIONAL