Defined in file seqalign.asn
C++ class: CSpliced_exon

Spliced-exon ::= SEQUENCE {
    -- product-end >= product-start
    product-start Product-pos ,
    product-end Product-pos ,

    -- genomic-end >= genomic-start
    genomic-start INTEGER ,
    genomic-end INTEGER ,

    -- product is either protein or transcript (cDNA)
    product-id Seq-id OPTIONAL ,
    genomic-id Seq-id OPTIONAL ,

    -- should be 'plus' or 'minus'
    product-strand Na-strand OPTIONAL ,
    -- genomic-strand represents the strand of translation
    genomic-strand Na-strand OPTIONAL ,

    -- basic seqments always are in biologic order
    parts SEQUENCE OF Spliced-exon-chunk OPTIONAL ,

    -- scores for this exon
    scores Score-set OPTIONAL ,

    -- splice sites
    acceptor-before-exon Splice-site OPTIONAL,
    donor-after-exon Splice-site OPTIONAL,
    -- flag: is this exon complete or partial?

    --extra info
    ext SEQUENCE OF User-object OPTIONAL