Defined in file trackmgr.asn
C++ class: CTMgr_CreateRemoteTrackRequest

TMgr-CreateRemoteTrackRequest ::= SEQUENCE {
    -- common to hubs and tracks
    identity TMgr-Identity, -- identity of user
    assembly-acc VisibleString, --  NCBI assembly accession
    url VisibleString, -- url to track data or hub.txt
    type TMgr-TypeTrackType,

    -- track specific, i.e., when type != hub
    track-name VisibleString OPTIONAL,
    index-url VisibleString OPTIONAL, -- for tracks only, not hubs
    -- Hub Track Database specific fields
    track-db CHOICE {
        hub TMgr-Hub,
        track TMgr-HubTrack

    attrs SET OF TMgr-Attribute OPTIONAL, -- future use
    client TMgr-ClientInfo OPTIONAL       -- Client information