Defined in file taxon1.asn
C++ class: CTaxon1_req

Taxon1-req ::= CHOICE {
	init		NULL,		-- initialize the server
	findname	VisibleString,	-- find orgnames match string
	getdesignator 	VisibleString,	-- find designator
	getunique     	VisibleString,	-- get taxid for unique name
	getidbyorg    	Org-ref,	-- get taxid matches orgref
	getorgnames   	INTEGER,	-- get all organism names
	getcde		NULL,		-- get name classes
	getranks	NULL,		-- get ranks
	getdivs		NULL,		-- get divisions
	getgcs		NULL,		-- get gencodes
	getlineage      INTEGER,        -- get lineage for org
	getchildren	INTEGER,	-- get children
	getbyid		INTEGER,  	-- get Org-ref by TaxonID
	lookup		Org-ref,  	-- lookup by data
	getorgmod	Taxon1-info,  	-- lookup for OrgMod
	fini    	NULL,    	-- close the server
	id4gi		INTEGER,  	-- get taxid by gi
	taxachildren	INTEGER,	-- get children
	taxalineage     INTEGER,        -- get extended lineage for org
        maxtaxid        NULL,           -- get max taxid
        getproptypes    NULL,           -- get property types
        getorgprop      Taxon1-info,    -- get properties for organism
        searchname      Taxon1-info,    -- fancy search (token set, wild card)
        dumpnames4class INTEGER,        -- all names of certain name class
        getdomain       VisibleString}  -- get domain description and values