Defined in file variation.asn
C++ class: CVariantPlacement

VariantPlacement ::= SEQUENCE
    -- actual concrete placement we are considering
    loc Seq-loc,

    mol INTEGER {
        genomic(1),      --"g." coordinates in HGVS
        cdna(2),         --"c." coordinates in HGVS
        rna(3),          --"n." coordinates in HGVS
        protein(4),      --"p." coordinates in HGVS
        mitochondrion(5) --"mt." coordinates in HGVS

    -- location flags
    placement-method INTEGER {

    -- location refinements, describing offsets into introns from product coordinates.
    -- Biological semantics: start-offset/stop-offset apply to bio-start/bio-stop respectively.
    -- positive = downstream; negative = upstream.
    start-offset INTEGER OPTIONAL,
    start-offset-fuzz Int-fuzz OPTIONAL,
    stop-offset INTEGER OPTIONAL,
    stop-offset-fuzz Int-fuzz OPTIONAL,

    -- 0-based position of bio-start relative to containing codon

    -- for situations in which a raw location isn't sufficient
    seq Seq-literal OPTIONAL, 

    -- reference to the assembly (GenColl ID) for this location
    assembly Dbtag OPTIONAL,

    hgvs-name VisibleString OPTIONAL,

    -- the reference location for this variant
    comment VisibleString OPTIONAL,

    exceptions SET OF VariationException OPTIONAL,

    dbxrefs SET OF Dbtag OPTIONAL, --e.g. rs#, that are placement-specific

    ext SET OF User-object OPTIONAL, --for process-specific placement tags/labels

    gene-location INTEGER OPTIONAL, --Same semantics as VariantProperties.gene-location, except placement-specific

    id Object-id OPTIONAL,
    parent-id Object-id OPTIONAL, --id of the placement from which this one was derived

    so-terms SEQUENCE OF INTEGER OPTIONAL --Sequence Ontology terms for this placement