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--  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
--                            PUBLIC DOMAIN NOTICE
--                National Center for Biotechnology Information
--  This software/database is a "United States Government Work" under the terms
--  of the United States Copyright Act.  It was written as part of the author's
--  official duties as a United States Government employee and thus cannot be
--  copyrighted.  This software/database is freely available to the public for
--  use.  The National Library of Medicine and the U.S. Government have not
--  placed any restriction on its use or reproduction.
--  Although all reasonable efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy and
--  reliability of the software and data, the NLM and the U.S. Government do not
--  and cannot warrant the performance or results that may be obtained by using
--  this software or data.  The NLM and the U.S. Government disclaim all
--  warranties, express or implied, including warranties of performance,
--  merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.
--  Please cite the authors in any work or product based on this material.
--  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
--  Authors: Tom Madden, Tim Boemker
--  ASN.1 interface to BLAST.
--  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------



    Bioseq                  FROM NCBI-Sequence
    Seq-data                FROM NCBI-Sequence
    Bioseq-set              FROM NCBI-Seqset
    PssmWithParameters      FROM NCBI-ScoreMat
    Seq-loc                 FROM NCBI-Seqloc
    Seq-align-set           FROM NCBI-Seqalign;

--  --------------------------------------------------------------------
--  Requests
--  --------------------------------------------------------------------

Blast4-request ::= SEQUENCE {
    -- Client identifier (email address, organization name, program/script
    -- name, or any other form of contacting the owner of this request)
    ident                   VisibleString OPTIONAL,

    -- Payload of the request
    body                    Blast4-request-body

-- An archive format for results.  the results can be reformatted from
-- this format also.
Blast4-archive ::= SEQUENCE {
    -- Query and options
    request                 Blast4-request,

    -- Results of search
    results                 Blast4-get-search-results-reply,
    messages                SEQUENCE OF Blast4-error OPTIONAL 

Blast4-request-body ::= CHOICE {
    finish-params           Blast4-finish-params-request,
    -- Get all available BLAST databases
    get-databases           NULL,
    -- Get supported scoring matrices
    get-matrices            NULL,
    get-parameters          NULL,
    get-paramsets           NULL,
    get-programs            NULL,
    get-search-results      Blast4-get-search-results-request,
    get-sequences           Blast4-get-sequences-request,
    queue-search            Blast4-queue-search-request,
    get-request-info        Blast4-get-request-info-request,
    get-sequence-parts      Blast4-get-seq-parts-request,
    get-windowmasked-taxids NULL,
    -- Get version and info about some extended methods
    get-protocol-info	    Blast4-get-protocol-info-request,
    -- Get search info: status, title and etc.
    get-search-info	    Blast4-get-search-info-request,
    -- OLD OK get-databases-ex           NULL
    get-databases-ex           Blast4-get-databases-ex-request

Blast4-get-databases-ex-request ::= SEQUENCE {
    params                  Blast4-parameters OPTIONAL
Blast4-finish-params-request ::= SEQUENCE {
    program                 VisibleString,
    service                 VisibleString,
    paramset                VisibleString OPTIONAL,
    params                  Blast4-parameters OPTIONAL

-- This type allows the specification of what result types are desired
Blast4-result-types ::= ENUMERATED {
    -- Default retrieves the following result types (if available): alignments,
    -- phi-alignments masks, ka-blocks, search-stats and pssm
    default                 (63),
    alignments              (1),
    phi-alignments          (2),
    masks                   (4),
    ka-blocks               (8),
    search-stats            (16),
    pssm                    (32),
    simple-results          (64)

Blast4-get-search-results-request ::= SEQUENCE {
    -- The request ID of the BLAST search
    request-id              VisibleString,
    -- Logical OR of Blast4-result-types, assumes default if absent
    result-types            INTEGER OPTIONAL

-- If a PSSM is used (ie. for PSI-Blast), it must contain a "query"
-- for formatting purposes.  Bioseq-set may contain any number of
-- queries, specified as data.  Seq-loc-list may contain only the
-- "whole" or "interval" types.  In the case of "whole", any number of
-- queries may be used; in the case of "interval", there should be
-- exactly one query.  (This is limited by the BlastObject.)

Blast4-queries ::= CHOICE {
    pssm                    PssmWithParameters,
    seq-loc-list            SEQUENCE OF Seq-loc,
    bioseq-set              Bioseq-set

-- Options have been broken down into three groups as part of the BLAST
-- API work.  The algorithm options essentially correspond to those
-- options available via the CBlastOptions class.
-- For definitions of the names used in the Blast4-parameter structures, see
-- c++/{include,src}/objects/blast/names.[hc]pp in the NCBI C++ toolkit.
--   algorithm-options: Options for BLAST (ie. seq comparison) algorithm.
--   program-options:   Options for controlling program execution and/or 
--                      database filtering
--   format-options:    Options for formatting BLAST results, clients should
--                      use this only if applicable, otherwise they should be
--                      ignored

Blast4-queue-search-request ::= SEQUENCE {
    program                 VisibleString,
    service                 VisibleString,
    queries                 Blast4-queries,
    subject                 Blast4-subject,
    -- This field contains a task description
    paramset                VisibleString OPTIONAL,
    algorithm-options       Blast4-parameters OPTIONAL,
    program-options         Blast4-parameters OPTIONAL,
    format-options          Blast4-parameters OPTIONAL

-- Request to retrieve the status of a given search
Blast4-get-search-status-request ::= SEQUENCE {
    request-id              VisibleString

-- Reply to retrieve the status of a given search
Blast4-get-search-status-reply ::= SEQUENCE {
    status                  VisibleString

-- Fetch information about the search request.

Blast4-get-request-info-request ::= SEQUENCE {
    request-id              VisibleString

Blast4-get-request-info-reply ::= SEQUENCE {
    database                Blast4-database,
    program                 VisibleString,
    service                 VisibleString,
    created-by              VisibleString,
    queries                 Blast4-queries,
    algorithm-options       Blast4-parameters,
    program-options         Blast4-parameters,
    format-options          Blast4-parameters OPTIONAL,
    subjects                Blast4-subject OPTIONAL

-- Fetch the search strategy (i.e.: object used to submit the search)
Blast4-get-search-strategy-request ::= SEQUENCE {
    request-id              VisibleString

-- Return the search strategy (i.e.: Blast4-request containing a
-- Blast4-queue-search-request, an object used to submit the search)
Blast4-get-search-strategy-reply ::= Blast4-request

-- Fetch sequence data from a BLAST database
Blast4-get-sequences-request ::= SEQUENCE {
    -- Name of the BLAST database from which to retrieve the sequence data
    database                Blast4-database,
    -- Sequence identifiers for the sequence to get
    seq-ids                 SEQUENCE OF Seq-id,
    -- Determines whether the returned Bioseqs should contain the sequence data
    -- or not
    skip-seq-data           BOOLEAN DEFAULT FALSE,
    -- Determines whether or not the defline of the returned Bioseqs should 
    -- contain only the requested seq id.  This optional field only applies
    -- to non-redundant BLAST database
    target-only             BOOLEAN OPTIONAL

-- Fetch parts of sequences from a BLAST database
Blast4-get-seq-parts-request ::= SEQUENCE {
    -- Name of the BLAST database from which to retrieve the sequence data
    database                Blast4-database,
    -- Allows the specification of ranges of sequence data needed.
    -- If the sequence(s) interval's end is 0, no data will be fetched. 
    -- If end is past the length of the sequence, it will be adjusted to the
    -- end of the sequence (this allows fetching of the first chunk in
    -- cases where the length is not yet known).
    seq-locations           SEQUENCE OF Seq-interval
-- support for version and checking availability of methods
Blast4-get-protocol-info-request ::= Blast4-parameters

-- variose search information
Blast4-get-search-info-request   ::= SEQUENCE {
    request-id              VisibleString,
    info		    Blast4-parameters OPTIONAL
--  --------------------------------------------------------------------
--  Replies
--  --------------------------------------------------------------------

Blast4-reply ::= SEQUENCE {
    errors                  SEQUENCE OF Blast4-error OPTIONAL,
    body                    Blast4-reply-body

Blast4-reply-body ::= CHOICE {
    finish-params           Blast4-finish-params-reply,
    get-databases           Blast4-get-databases-reply,
    get-matrices            Blast4-get-matrices-reply,
    get-parameters          Blast4-get-parameters-reply,
    get-paramsets           Blast4-get-paramsets-reply,
    get-programs            Blast4-get-programs-reply,
    get-search-results      Blast4-get-search-results-reply,
    get-sequences           Blast4-get-sequences-reply,
    queue-search            Blast4-queue-search-reply,
    get-queries             Blast4-get-queries-reply,
    get-request-info        Blast4-get-request-info-reply,
    get-sequence-parts      Blast4-get-seq-parts-reply,
    get-windowmasked-taxids Blast4-get-windowmasked-taxids-reply,
    get-protocol-info	    Blast4-get-protocol-info-reply,
    get-search-info	    Blast4-get-search-info-reply,
    get-databases-ex        Blast4-get-databases-ex-reply

Blast4-finish-params-reply ::= Blast4-parameters

Blast4-get-windowmasked-taxids-reply ::= SEQUENCE OF INTEGER

Blast4-get-databases-reply ::= SEQUENCE OF Blast4-database-info
Blast4-get-databases-ex-reply ::= SEQUENCE OF Blast4-database-info

Blast4-get-matrices-reply ::= SEQUENCE OF Blast4-matrix-id

Blast4-get-parameters-reply ::= SEQUENCE OF Blast4-parameter-info

-- Note: Paramsets and tasks represent the same concept: a human readable
-- description that represents a set of parameters with specific values 
-- to accomplish a given task
Blast4-get-paramsets-reply ::= SEQUENCE OF Blast4-task-info

Blast4-get-programs-reply ::= SEQUENCE OF Blast4-program-info

Blast4-get-search-results-reply ::= SEQUENCE {
    alignments              Seq-align-set OPTIONAL,
    phi-alignments          Blast4-phi-alignments OPTIONAL,

    -- Masking locations for the query sequence(s). Each element of this set
    -- corresponds to a single query's translation frame as appropriate.
    masks                   SEQUENCE OF Blast4-mask OPTIONAL,

    ka-blocks               SEQUENCE OF Blast4-ka-block OPTIONAL,
    search-stats            SEQUENCE OF VisibleString OPTIONAL,
    pssm                    PssmWithParameters OPTIONAL,
    simple-results          Blast4-simple-results OPTIONAL

Blast4-get-sequences-reply ::= SEQUENCE OF Bioseq
-- Bundles Seq-ids and sequence data to fulfill requests of type
-- Blast4-get-seq-parts-request
Blast4-seq-part-data ::= SEQUENCE {
    -- Sequence identifier
    id      Seq-id,
    -- Its sequence data (may be partial)
    data    Seq-data
Blast4-get-seq-parts-reply ::= SEQUENCE OF Blast4-seq-part-data

Blast4-queue-search-reply ::= SEQUENCE {
    request-id              VisibleString OPTIONAL

Blast4-get-queries-reply ::= SEQUENCE {
    queries                 Blast4-queries

Blast4-get-protocol-info-reply ::= Blast4-parameters

Blast4-get-search-info-reply   ::= SEQUENCE {
    request-id              VisibleString,
    info		    Blast4-parameters OPTIONAL
--  --------------------------------------------------------------------
--  Errors
--  --------------------------------------------------------------------

Blast4-error ::= SEQUENCE {
    -- This is an integer to allow for flexibility, but the values assigned
    -- should be of type Blast4-error-code
    code                    INTEGER,
    message                 VisibleString OPTIONAL

-- This enumeration defines values that are intended to be used with the
-- Blast4-error::code in a logical AND operation to easily determine whether a
-- given Blast4-error object contains either a warning or an error
Blast4-error-flags ::= ENUMERATED {
    warning                 (1024),
    error                   (2048)

-- Defines values for use in Blast4-error::code.
-- Note: warnings should have values greater than 1024 and less than 2048,
-- errors should have values greater than 2048.
Blast4-error-code ::= INTEGER {
    -- A conversion issue was found when converting to/from blast3 from/to 
    -- blast4 protocol in the blast4 server
    conversion-warning		(1024),

    -- Indicates internal errors in the blast4 server
    internal-error          (2048),
    -- Request type is not implemented in the blast4 server
    not-implemented         (2049),
    -- Request type is not allowed in the blast4 server
    not-allowed             (2050),
    -- Malformed/invalid requests (e.g.: parsing errors or invalid data in request)
    bad-request             (2051),
    -- The RID requested is unknown or it has expired
    bad-request-id          (2052),
    -- The search is pending
    search-pending          (2053)

--  --------------------------------------------------------------------
--  Other types in alphabetical order
--  --------------------------------------------------------------------

Blast4-cutoff ::= CHOICE {
    e-value                 REAL,
    raw-score               INTEGER

Blast4-database ::= SEQUENCE {
    name                    VisibleString,
    type                    Blast4-residue-type

-- Borrowed from seq.asn

Blast4-seqtech ::= INTEGER {
        unknown (0) ,
        standard (1) ,          -- standard sequencing
        est (2) ,               -- Expressed Sequence Tag
        sts (3) ,               -- Sequence Tagged Site
        survey (4) ,            -- one-pass genomic sequence
        genemap (5) ,           -- from genetic mapping techniques
        physmap (6) ,           -- from physical mapping techniques
        derived (7) ,           -- derived from other data, not a primary entity
        concept-trans (8) ,     -- conceptual translation
        seq-pept (9) ,          -- peptide was sequenced
        both (10) ,             -- concept transl. w/ partial pept. seq.
        seq-pept-overlap (11) , -- sequenced peptide, ordered by overlap
        seq-pept-homol (12) ,   -- sequenced peptide, ordered by homology
        concept-trans-a (13) ,  -- conceptual transl. supplied by author
        htgs-1 (14) ,           -- unordered High Throughput sequence contig
        htgs-2 (15) ,           -- ordered High Throughput sequence contig
        htgs-3 (16) ,           -- finished High Throughput sequence
        fli-cdna (17) ,         -- full length insert cDNA
        htgs-0 (18) ,           -- single genomic reads for coordination
        htc (19) ,              -- high throughput cDNA
        wgs (20) ,              -- whole genome shotgun sequencing
        other (255)             -- use Source.techexp

Blast4-database-info ::= SEQUENCE {
    database                Blast4-database,
    description             VisibleString,
    last-updated            VisibleString,
    total-length            BigInt,
    num-sequences           BigInt,
    seqtech                 Blast4-seqtech,
    taxid                   INTEGER,
    extended                Blast4-parameters OPTIONAL

Blast4-frame-type ::= ENUMERATED {
    notset                  (0),
    plus1                   (1),
    plus2                   (2),
    plus3                   (3),
    minus1                  (4),
    minus2                  (5),
    minus3                  (6)

Blast4-ka-block ::= SEQUENCE {
    lambda                  REAL,
    k                       REAL,
    h                       REAL,
    gapped                  BOOLEAN

-- Masking locations for a query's frame. The locations field is a single
-- Seq-loc of type Packed-int, which contains all the masking locations for the
-- translation frame specified by the frame field.
-- Notes:
-- On input (i.e.: when the client specifies masking locations as a
-- Blast4-parameter), in the case of protein queries, the frame field must 
-- always be notset, in the case of nucleotide queries (regardless of whether 
-- the search will translate these or not), the frame must be plus1. Masking 
-- locations in the translated encoding are not permitted.
-- On output (i.e.: when blast 4 server encodes these as part of the 
-- Blast4-get-search-results-reply), the same conventions as above apply for
-- non-translated protein and nucleotide queries, but in the case of translated
-- nucleotide queries, the frame field can be specified in any of the
-- translation frames as appropriate.
Blast4-mask ::= SEQUENCE {
    locations               SEQUENCE OF Seq-loc,
    frame                   Blast4-frame-type

Blast4-matrix-id ::= SEQUENCE {
    residue-type            Blast4-residue-type,
    name                    VisibleString

Blast4-parameter ::= SEQUENCE {
    name                    VisibleString,
    value                   Blast4-value

Blast4-parameter-info ::= SEQUENCE {
    name                    VisibleString,
    type                    VisibleString

-- Self documenting task structure
Blast4-task-info ::= SEQUENCE {
    -- Name of this task
    name                    VisibleString,
    -- Description of the task
    documentation           VisibleString

Blast4-program-info ::= SEQUENCE {
    program                 VisibleString,
    services                SEQUENCE OF VisibleString

Blast4-residue-type ::= ENUMERATED {
    unknown                 (0),
    protein                 (1),
    nucleotide              (2)

Blast4-strand-type ::= ENUMERATED {
    forward-strand          (1),
    reverse-strand          (2),
    both-strands            (3)

Blast4-subject ::= CHOICE {
    database                VisibleString,
    sequences               SEQUENCE OF Bioseq,
    seq-loc-list            SEQUENCE OF Seq-loc

Blast4-parameters ::= SEQUENCE OF Blast4-parameter

Blast4-phi-alignments ::= SEQUENCE {
    num-alignments          INTEGER,
    seq-locs                SEQUENCE OF Seq-loc

Blast4-value ::= CHOICE {

    -- scalar types
    big-integer             BigInt,
    bioseq                  Bioseq,
    boolean                 BOOLEAN,
    cutoff                  Blast4-cutoff,
    integer                 INTEGER,
    matrix                  PssmWithParameters,
    real                    REAL,
    seq-align               Seq-align,
    seq-id                  Seq-id,
    seq-loc                 Seq-loc,
    strand-type             Blast4-strand-type,
    string                  VisibleString,

    -- lists of scalar types
    big-integer-list        SEQUENCE OF BigInt,
    bioseq-list             SEQUENCE OF Bioseq,
    boolean-list            SEQUENCE OF BOOLEAN,
    cutoff-list             SEQUENCE OF Blast4-cutoff,
    integer-list            SEQUENCE OF INTEGER,
    matrix-list             SEQUENCE OF PssmWithParameters,
    real-list               SEQUENCE OF REAL,
    seq-align-list          SEQUENCE OF Seq-align,
    seq-id-list             SEQUENCE OF Seq-id,
    seq-loc-list            SEQUENCE OF Seq-loc,
    strand-type-list        SEQUENCE OF Blast4-strand-type,
    string-list             SEQUENCE OF VisibleString,

    -- imported collection types
    bioseq-set              Bioseq-set,
    seq-align-set           Seq-align-set,

    -- Intended to represent user-provided masking locations for a single query
    -- sequence (name field in Blast4-parameter should be "LCaseMask").
    -- Multiple Blast4-parameters of this type are needed to specify masking
    -- locations for multiple queries.
    query-mask              Blast4-mask

-- Complete set of simple Blast results
Blast4-simple-results ::= SEQUENCE {
    all-alignments      SEQUENCE OF Blast4-alignments-for-query

-- Alignments for one query, compiled from the raw SeqAlign results
Blast4-alignments-for-query ::= SEQUENCE {

    -- Query sequence identifier
    -- (present if query is not a local id in the SeqAlign)
    query-id            VisibleString,

    -- All the alignments for this query
    alignments          SEQUENCE OF Blast4-simple-alignment

-- A single alignment
Blast4-simple-alignment ::= SEQUENCE {

    -- Subject sequence identifier
    -- (normally a GI from the SeqAlign)
    subject-id          VisibleString,

    -- E-Value
    e-value             REAL,

    -- Bit score
    bit-score           REAL,
    -- Number of identities
    num-identities      INTEGER OPTIONAL,

    -- Number of insertions/deletions
    num-indels          INTEGER OPTIONAL,
    -- Full query range covered by this HSP
    full-query-range    Blast4-range,
    -- Full subject range covered by this HSP
    full-subject-range  Blast4-range 

-- Range on a sequence - zero offset
Blast4-range ::= SEQUENCE {
    start               INTEGER OPTIONAL,
    end                 INTEGER OPTIONAL,
    -- The frame of the range (absent for proteins; -1/1 for nucleotides;
    -- -1,-2,-3,1,2,3 for translated sequences)
    strand              INTEGER OPTIONAL