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--- Find-Replace Variant schema declaration

NCBI-search-by-rsid DEFINITIONS ::=

EXPORTS SearchByRsIdReply;

IMPORTS TMgr-DTrackId FROM NCBI-TrackManager;

-- Placement definition.
Placement ::= SEQUENCE {

    -- Id of RefSnp in string format. For example "rs268".
    rsid VisibleString,

    -- The sequence identifier in accession.version format.
    -- For example, "NC_000018.10"
    acc-ver VisibleString,

    -- Start position on reference seq of the variation (0-based)
    from INTEGER (0..MAXINT),
    -- Length of the variant deletion interval.
    length INTEGER  (0..MAXINT),

    -- Assembly id in accession.version format.
    -- For example, "GCF_000001405.33".
    assembly-acc VisibleString OPTIONAL,

    -- List of related TMS tracks-ids.
    -- For example "T709990".
    tracks SET OF TMgr-DTrackId

-- In case of error service will return this object.
Error ::= SEQUENCE {

    -- Error description. 
    message VisibleString,

    -- Error code. Which is also be copied to HTTP return code.
    error-code INTEGER

-- Service reply format definition.
SearchByRsIdReply ::= CHOICE {

    -- On success list of placements will be placed here.
	placements SET OF Placement,

    -- On failure error details will be placed here,
    error Error