NCBI C++ ToolKit
GBenchFeedbackRequest.cpp File Reference
#include <ncbi_pch.hpp>
#include <gui/objects/GBenchFeedbackRequest.hpp>
#include <util/compress/zlib.hpp>
#include <util/compress/stream.hpp>
#include <connect/ncbi_conn_stream.hpp>
#include <objects/general/Date.hpp>
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static void s_Decompress (const vector< char > &data, string &str)
static void s_Compress (CNcbiIstream &istr, vector< char > &data)

Function Documentation

◆ s_Compress()

static void s_Compress ( CNcbiIstream istr,
vector< char > &  data 

◆ s_Decompress()

static void s_Decompress ( const vector< char > &  data,
string str 
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