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SpectrumSet.hpp File Reference
#include <objects/omssa/MSSpectrumset.hpp>
#include <objects/omssa/MSSpectrumFileType.hpp>
#include <iostream>
#include <deque>
#include <corelib/ncbistr.hpp>
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struct  _InputPeak
 struct for holding a single peak More...
class  CSpectrumSet


typedef struct _InputPeak TInputPeak
 struct for holding a single peak More...
typedef deque< TInputPeakTInputPeaks
 for holding a spectrum More...


const double kProton = 1.00728
const double kNeutron = 1.00866

Typedef Documentation

◆ TInputPeak

typedef struct _InputPeak TInputPeak

struct for holding a single peak

◆ TInputPeaks

typedef deque< TInputPeak > TInputPeaks

for holding a spectrum

Definition at line 70 of file SpectrumSet.hpp.

Variable Documentation

◆ kNeutron

const double kNeutron = 1.00866

Definition at line 58 of file SpectrumSet.hpp.

◆ kProton

const double kProton = 1.00728
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