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alignment_job.hpp File Reference
#include <gui/widgets/seq_graphic/graph_cache.hpp>
#include <gui/widgets/seq_graphic/sparse_graph.hpp>
#include <gui/widgets/seq_graphic/seqgraphic_job.hpp>
#include <gui/widgets/seq_graphic/alignment_glyph.hpp>
#include <gui/widgets/seq_graphic/feature_sorter.hpp>
#include <gui/widgets/seq_graphic/seqgraphic_job_result.hpp>
#include <gui/widgets/seq_graphic/alignment_score.hpp>
#include <gui/widgets/seq_graphic/alignment_conf.hpp>
#include <gui/gui.hpp>
#include <gui/widgets/seq_graphic/layout_policy.hpp>
#include <gui/widgets/seq_graphic/align_statistics_glyph.hpp>
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class  CSGAlignmentJob
class  CSGAlignScoringJob
 CSGAlignScoreJob. More...
class  CGraphStatCollector
 CGraphStatCollector Helper class to use with CSGAlignStatJob::x_CollectAlignStats x_CollectAlignStats reads alignments pileups and stores them into either CAlignmentGraph or CAlnStatGlyph::TStatVec using the corresponding descendant of CGraphStatCollector. More...
class  CSGAlignStatJob
 CSGAlignStatJob. More...


typedef pair< CRef< IAlnGraphicDataSource >, intTAlnDS_Anchor
 CSGAlignmentJob. More...
typedef vector< TAlnDS_AnchorTAlnDataSources


void BuildAlignDataSource (objects::CBioseq_Handle &handle, vector< objects::CSeq_align::TDim > &anchors, const objects::CSeq_align &align, bool sparseAln, TModelUnit window, TAlnDataSources &aln_datasources, CRange< TSeqPos > *range=nullptr)
void GetAnchors (objects::CBioseq_Handle &handle, const objects::CSynonymsSet *synonyms, const objects::CSeq_align &align, vector< objects::CSeq_align::TDim > &anchors)

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◆ TAlnDataSources

typedef vector<TAlnDS_Anchor> TAlnDataSources

Definition at line 60 of file alignment_job.hpp.

◆ TAlnDS_Anchor


Definition at line 59 of file alignment_job.hpp.

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◆ BuildAlignDataSource()

void BuildAlignDataSource ( objects::CBioseq_Handle &  handle,
vector< objects::CSeq_align::TDim > &  anchors,
const objects::CSeq_align &  align,
bool  sparseAln,
TModelUnit  window,
TAlnDataSources aln_datasources,
CRange< TSeqPos > *  range = nullptr 

◆ GetAnchors()

void GetAnchors ( objects::CBioseq_Handle &  handle,
const objects::CSynonymsSet *  synonyms,
const objects::CSeq_align &  align,
vector< objects::CSeq_align::TDim > &  anchors 
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