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alnread.hpp File Reference
#include <corelib/ncbistd.hpp>
#include <objtools/readers/aln_formats.hpp>
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struct  SLineInfo
class  CSequenceInfo
struct  SAlignmentFile




bool ReadAlignmentFile (istream &istr, bool gen_local_ids, bool use_nexus_info, CSequenceInfo &sequence_info, SAlignmentFile &alignmentInfo, ILineErrorListener *pErrorListener=nullptr)
bool ReadAlignmentFile (istream &istr, CSequenceInfo &sequenceInfo, SAlignmentFile &alignmentInfo)
bool ReadAlignmentFile (istream &istr, EAlignFormat &, CSequenceInfo &sequenceInfo, SAlignmentFile &alignmentInfo)

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Definition at line 39 of file alnread.hpp.

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◆ ReadAlignmentFile() [1/3]

bool ReadAlignmentFile ( istream &  istr,
bool  gen_local_ids,
bool  use_nexus_info,
CSequenceInfo sequence_info,
SAlignmentFile alignmentInfo,
ILineErrorListener pErrorListener = nullptr 

◆ ReadAlignmentFile() [2/3]

bool ReadAlignmentFile ( istream &  istr,
CSequenceInfo sequenceInfo,
SAlignmentFile alignmentInfo 

Definition at line 106 of file alnread.cpp.

References dummy, and ReadAlignmentFile().

◆ ReadAlignmentFile() [3/3]

bool ReadAlignmentFile ( istream &  istr,
EAlignFormat alignFormat,
CSequenceInfo sequenceInfo,
SAlignmentFile alignmentInfo 
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