NCBI C++ ToolKit
app_job_dispatcher.hpp File Reference
#include <util/bitset/ncbi_bitset.hpp>
#include <gui/utils/app_job.hpp>
#include <gui/utils/event_handler.hpp>
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class  IAppJobEngineListener
 IAppJobEngineListener - receives notifications about changes in job state. More...
class  CAppJobException
 IAppJobListener Interface for components that need to be notified about changes in Jobs. More...
class  CAppJobDispatcher
 CAppJobDispatcher. More...
struct  CAppJobDispatcher::SJobRecord
 SJobRecord describes a Job registered in Dispatcher. More...
struct  CAppJobDispatcher::SQueueItem
 SQueueItem - element of the Polling Queue. More...
struct  CAppJobDispatcher::SJobStateEvent
class  CAppJobNotification
 CAppJobNotification Notification send by CAppJobEventTranslator. More...
class  CAppJobEventTranslator
 CAppJobEventTranslator Standard Listener that generates notification events. More...
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