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automation.hpp File Reference
#include "ns_cmd_impl.hpp"
#include "util.hpp"
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class  NAutomation::CAutomationException
struct  NAutomation::SInputOutput
class  NAutomation::CArgument
struct  NAutomation::TArguments
class  NAutomation::CCommand
struct  NAutomation::SServerAddressToJson
class  NAutomation::CAutomationObject
struct  NAutomation::SNetServiceBase
struct  NAutomation::SNetService
class  NAutomation::IMessageSender
class  NAutomation::CAutomationProc




typedef initializer_list< CArgumentNAutomation::TArgsInit
typedef vector< CCommand > NAutomation::TCommands
typedef function< void(const TArguments &, SInputOutput &, void *)> NAutomation::TCommandExecutor
typedef function< void *(const string &, SInputOutput &, void *)> NAutomation::TCommandChecker
typedef pair< TCommands, TCommandChecker > NAutomation::TCommandGroup
typedef Int8 NAutomation::TObjectID
typedef CRef< CAutomationObject > NAutomation::TAutomationObjectRef
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