NCBI C++ ToolKit
bdb_util.hpp File Reference
#include <corelib/ncbireg.hpp>
#include <db/bdb/bdb_file.hpp>
#include <db/bdb/bdb_cursor.hpp>
#include <db/bdb/bdb_trans.hpp>
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template<class FL , class Func >
void BDB_iterate_file (FL &dbf, Func &func)
 Template algorithm function to iterate the BDB File. More...
template<class FL , class IT , class Func >
void BDB_iterate_file (FL &dbf, IT start, IT finish, Func &func)
 Iterate file following the sequence of ids BDB file should have an integer key. More...
template<class IT , class Lock >
void BDB_batch_delete_recs (CBDB_File &dbf, IT start, IT finish, unsigned batch_size, Lock *locker)
 Delete file records based on sequence of ids. More...
CBDB_File::TUnifiedFieldIndex BDB_find_field (const CBDB_File &dbf, const CBoyerMooreMatcher &matcher, string *tmp_str_buffer=0)
 Find index of field containing the specified value Search condition is specified by CBoyerMooreMatcher By default search is performed in string fields, but if tmp_str_buffer is specified function will try to convert non-strings(int, float) and search in there. More...
int BDB_get_rowid (const CBDB_File &dbf)
 Return record id (integer key) More...
CBDB_EnvBDB_CreateEnv (const CNcbiRegistry &reg, const string &section_name)
 Create and configure BDB environment using CNcbiRegistry as a parameter container. More...
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