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blastkmer.cpp File Reference
#include <ncbi_pch.hpp>
#include <util/sequtil/sequtil_convert.hpp>
#include <objmgr/seq_vector.hpp>
#include <algo/blast/proteinkmer/blastkmer.hpp>
#include <algo/blast/proteinkmer/blastkmerutils.hpp>
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static void s_GetQuerySequence (const TSeqLocVector &query_vector, string &query_seq, CRef< CSeq_id > &seqid, int queryNum)
static void s_AdjustPrelimScoreVectorOID (TBlastKmerPrelimScoreVector &score_vector, int offset)
bool s_SortFinalResults (const pair< uint32_t, double > &one, const pair< uint32_t, double > &two)
void s_GetAllGis (vector< TGi > &retvalue, TBlastKmerPrelimScoreVector results, CRef< CSeqDB > seqdb)

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◆ s_AdjustPrelimScoreVectorOID()

static void s_AdjustPrelimScoreVectorOID ( TBlastKmerPrelimScoreVector score_vector,
int  offset 

Definition at line 156 of file blastkmer.cpp.

References offset.

Referenced by CBlastKmer::x_SearchMultipleQueries().

◆ s_GetAllGis()

void s_GetAllGis ( vector< TGi > &  retvalue,
TBlastKmerPrelimScoreVector  results,
CRef< CSeqDB seqdb 

Definition at line 171 of file blastkmer.cpp.

References CSeqDB::GetGis().

Referenced by CBlastKmer::x_SearchMultipleQueries().

◆ s_GetQuerySequence()

static void s_GetQuerySequence ( const TSeqLocVector query_vector,
string query_seq,
CRef< CSeq_id > &  seqid,
int  queryNum 

◆ s_SortFinalResults()

bool s_SortFinalResults ( const pair< uint32_t, double > &  one,
const pair< uint32_t, double > &  two 

Definition at line 165 of file blastkmer.cpp.

Referenced by CBlastKmer::x_SearchMultipleQueries().

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