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blastxml2_format.hpp File Reference
#include <objects/seqloc/Seq_loc.hpp>
#include <objmgr/scope.hpp>
#include <objects/seqalign/Seq_align_set.hpp>
#include <objtools/align_format/showalign.hpp>
#include <algo/blast/format/blastfmtutil.hpp>
#include <objects/seq/seqlocinfo.hpp>
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class  IBlastXML2ReportData
 Interface for filling the top layer of the XML report. More...


void BlastXML2_FormatReport (const IBlastXML2ReportData *data, CNcbiOstream *out_stream)
 Fills all fields in the XML BLAST v2 output object. More...
void BlastXML2_FormatReport (const IBlastXML2ReportData *data, string file_name)
void BlastXML2_PrintHeader (CNcbiOstream *out_stream)
void BlastXML2_FormatError (int exit_code, string err_msg, CNcbiOstream *out_stream)
void BlastJSON_FormatReport (const IBlastXML2ReportData *data, string file_name)
void BlastJSON_FormatReport (const IBlastXML2ReportData *data, CNcbiOstream *out_stream)
void BlastJSON_PrintHeader (CNcbiOstream *out_stream)
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