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bmaggregator.h File Reference

Algorithms for fast aggregation of N bvectors. More...

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "bmfunc.h"
#include "bmdef.h"
#include "bmalgo_impl.h"
#include "bmbuffer.h"
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struct  bm::agg_run_options< OBvects, OCounts, OSearchMasks >
 Aggregation options to control execution Default settings are to support only result bit-vector filters. More...
class  bm::aggregator< BV >
 Algorithms for fast aggregation of a group of bit-vectors. More...
struct  bm::aggregator< BV >::arg_groups
 Aggregator arg groups. More...
struct  bm::aggregator< BV >::pipeline_bcache
 Block cache for pipeline execution. More...
struct  bm::aggregator< BV >::run_options
 Aggregation options for runtime control. More...
class  bm::aggregator< BV >::pipeline< Opt >
 Pipeline vector for running a group of aggregation operations on a family of vectors. More...
struct  bm::aggregator< BV >::arena
 Temporary operations vectors. More...
struct  bm::aggregator< BV >::tb_arena
 Alllocated blocka of scratch memory. More...



Aggregator traits and control constants

typedef bm::agg_run_options< agg_disable_result_bvectors, agg_disable_counts > bm::agg_opt_disable_bvects_and_counts
 Pre-defined aggregator options to disable both intermediate results and counts. More...
typedef bm::agg_run_options< agg_disable_result_bvectors, agg_compute_counts > bm::agg_opt_only_counts
 Pre-defined aggregator options for counts-only (results dropped) operation. More...
typedef bm::agg_run_options< agg_produce_result_bvectors, agg_compute_counts > bm::agg_opt_bvect_and_counts
 Pre-defined aggregator options for results plus counts operation. More...
const bool bm::agg_produce_result_bvectors = true
const bool bm::agg_disable_result_bvectors = false
const bool bm::agg_compute_counts = true
const bool bm::agg_disable_counts = false
const bool bm::agg_disable_search_masks = false
template<typename Agg , typename It >
void bm::aggregator_pipeline_execute (It first, It last)
 Experimental method ro run multiple aggregators in sync. More...

Detailed Description

Algorithms for fast aggregation of N bvectors.

Definition in file bmaggregator.h.

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