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bmblocks.h File Reference
#include "bmfwd.h"
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class  bm::blocks_manager< Alloc >
 bitvector blocks manager Embedded class managing bit-blocks on very low level. Includes number of functor classes used in different bitset algorithms. More...
struct  bm::blocks_manager< Alloc >::arena
 Allocation arena for ReadOnly vectors. More...
class  bm::blocks_manager< Alloc >::bm_func_base
 Base functor class (block visitor) More...
class  bm::blocks_manager< Alloc >::bm_func_base_const
 Base functor class connected for "constant" functors. More...
class  bm::blocks_manager< Alloc >::block_count_base
 Base class for bitcounting functors. More...
class  bm::blocks_manager< Alloc >::block_count_func
 Bitcounting functor. More...
class  bm::blocks_manager< Alloc >::block_count_arr_func
 Bitcounting functor filling the block counts array. More...
class  bm::blocks_manager< Alloc >::block_count_change_func
 bit value change counting functor More...
class  bm::blocks_manager< Alloc >::block_any_func
 Functor detects if any bit set. More...
class  bm::blocks_manager< Alloc >::gap_level_func
class  bm::blocks_manager< Alloc >::block_one_func
 Fill block with all-one bits functor. More...
struct  bm::blocks_manager< Alloc >::arena_guard
 Arena allocation memory guard. More...
class  bm::bit_block_guard< BlocksManager >
 Bit block buffer guard. More...
class  bm::alloc_pool_guard< POOL, PCLASS >




#define BM_FREE_OP(x)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define BM_FREE_OP (   x)
blk = blk_blk[j + x]; \
if (IS_VALID_ADDR(blk)) \
{ \
if (BM_IS_GAP(blk)) \
alloc_.free_gap_block(BMGAP_PTR(blk), glen()); \
else \
alloc_.free_bit_block(blk); \
#define IS_VALID_ADDR(addr)
Definition: bmdef.h:161
#define BMGAP_PTR(ptr)
Definition: bmdef.h:189
#define BM_IS_GAP(ptr)
Definition: bmdef.h:191

Definition at line 2045 of file bmblocks.h.

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