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bmdbg.h File Reference

Debugging functions (internal). Poorly documented, not well written. More...

#include <cstdio>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <cassert>
#include <memory>
#include <time.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <sstream>
#include <fstream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <vector>
#include "bmalgo_similarity.h"
#include "bmsparsevec_serial.h"
#include "bmdef.h"
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template<class TOut >
void bm::PrintGap (TOut &tout, const bm::gap_word_t *gap_buf)
template<class TOut >
void bm::PrintDGap (TOut &tout, const bm::gap_word_t *gap_buf, unsigned gap_len=0)
unsigned int bm::iLog2 (unsigned int value)
template<class TOut >
unsigned bm::PrintGammaCode (TOut &tout, unsigned value)
template<typename TOut >
void bm::PrintDGapGamma (TOut &tout, const bm::gap_word_t *gap_buf, unsigned gap_len=0)
template<class VT >
int bm::read_dump_file (const std::string &fname, VT &data)
 Read dump file into an STL container (vector of some basic type) More...
template<class TBV >
void bm::LoadBVector (const char *fname, TBV &bvector, unsigned *file_size=0)
template<class TBV >
void bm::SaveBVector (const char *fname, const TBV &bvector)
void bm::SaveBlob (const char *name_prefix, unsigned num, const char *ext, const unsigned char *blob, size_t blob_size)
template<typename V , typename TOut >
void bm::PrintBinary (TOut &tout, V val)
template<typename TOut >
void bm::PrintBits32 (TOut &tout, unsigned val)
template<typename TOut >
void bm::PrintDistanceMatrix (TOut &tout, const unsigned distance[bm::set_block_plane_cnt][bm::set_block_plane_cnt])
template<typename TM , typename TOut >
void bm::PrintTMatrix (TOut &tout, const TM &tmatrix, unsigned cols=0, bool binary=false)
unsigned bm::BinStrLR (const char *str)
 Binary code string converted to number Bits are expected left to right. More...
template<class BV , typename TOut >
void bm::print_blocks_count (TOut &tout, const BV &bv)
template<typename TOut >
void bm::print_bc (TOut &tout, unsigned i, unsigned count)
template<class BV , typename TOut >
size_t bm::print_bvector_stat (TOut &tout, const BV &bvect)
template<class BV , typename TOut >
void bm::print_stat (TOut &tout, const BV &bv, typename BV::block_idx_type blocks=0)
template<class BV >
size_t bm::compute_serialization_size (const BV &bv)
template<class SV , typename TOut >
void bm::print_svector_stat (TOut &tout, const SV &svect, bool print_sim=false)
template<class SV , typename TOut >
void bm::print_str_svector_stat (TOut &tout, const SV &str_svect)
template<class VECT >
int bm::save_vector (const VECT &vect, const std::string &fname)
template<class VECT >
int bm::load_vector (VECT &vect, const std::string &fname)
template<class CBC >
int bm::file_save_compressed_collection (const CBC &cbc, const std::string &fname, size_t *blob_size=0)
template<class CBC >
int bm::file_load_compressed_collection (CBC &cbc, const std::string &fname)
template<class SV >
int bm::file_save_svector (const SV &sv, const std::string &fname, size_t *sv_blob_size=0, bool use_xor=true)
template<class SV >
int bm::file_load_svector (SV &sv, const std::string &fname)
template<class SV , class V >
int bm::svector_check (const SV &sv, const V &vect)
template<class SV , class BV >
void bm::convert_bv2sv (SV &sv, const BV &bv)

Detailed Description

Debugging functions (internal). Poorly documented, not well written.

Definition in file bmdbg.h.

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