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bmsparsevec_algo.h File Reference

Algorithms for bm::sparse_vector. More...

#include <limits>
#include <string.h>
#include "bmdef.h"
#include "bmsparsevec.h"
#include "bmaggregator.h"
#include "bmbuffer.h"
#include "bmalgo.h"
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class  bm::sv_sample_index< SV >
 Index for SV sorted vectors for approximate range queries. More...
class  bm::sparse_vector_scanner< SV, S_FACTOR >
 algorithms for sparse_vector scan/search More...
class  bm::sparse_vector_scanner< SV, S_FACTOR >::pipeline< Opt >
 Pipeline to run multiple searches against a particular SV faster using cache optimizations. More...
class  bm::set2set_11_transform< SV >
 Integer set to set transformation (functional image in groups theory) More...
struct  bm::set2set_11_transform< SV >::gather_buffer< BSIZE >




template<typename SV >
void bm::dynamic_range_clip_high (SV &svect, unsigned high_bit)
 Clip dynamic range for signal higher than specified. More...
template<typename SV >
void bm::dynamic_range_clip_low (SV &svect, unsigned low_bit)
 Clip dynamic range for signal lower than specified (boost) More...
template<typename SV >
bool bm::sparse_vector_find_first_mismatch (const SV &sv1, const SV &sv2, typename SV::size_type &midx, bm::null_support null_proc=bm::use_null)
 Find first mismatch (element which is different) between two sparse vectors (uses linear scan in bit-vector planes) More...
template<typename SV1 , typename SV2 >
void bm::sparse_vector_find_mismatch (typename SV1::bvector_type &bv, const SV1 &sv1, const SV2 &sv2, bm::null_support null_proc)
 Find mismatch vector, indicating positions of mismatch between two sparse vectors (uses linear scan in bit-vector planes) More...

Detailed Description

Algorithms for bm::sparse_vector.

Definition in file bmsparsevec_algo.h.

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