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bond_panel.hpp File Reference
#include <corelib/ncbistd.hpp>
#include <wx/panel.h>
#include <wx/choice.h>
#include <objects/seqfeat/SeqFeatData.hpp>
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class  CBondPanel


#define ID_CBONDPANEL   10027
#define ID_BONDPANEL_CHOICE   10028
#define SYMBOL_CBONDPANEL_TITLE   _("Bond Panel")
#define SYMBOL_CBONDPANEL_SIZE   wxSize(400, 300)
#define SYMBOL_CBONDPANEL_POSITION   wxDefaultPosition


 USING_SCOPE (objects)

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#define ID_BONDPANEL_CHOICE   10028

Definition at line 57 of file bond_panel.hpp.


#define ID_CBONDPANEL   10027

Control identifiers

Definition at line 56 of file bond_panel.hpp.



Definition at line 60 of file bond_panel.hpp.


#define SYMBOL_CBONDPANEL_POSITION   wxDefaultPosition

Definition at line 62 of file bond_panel.hpp.


#define SYMBOL_CBONDPANEL_SIZE   wxSize(400, 300)

Definition at line 61 of file bond_panel.hpp.



Definition at line 58 of file bond_panel.hpp.


#define SYMBOL_CBONDPANEL_TITLE   _("Bond Panel")

Definition at line 59 of file bond_panel.hpp.

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USING_SCOPE ( objects  )


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