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CAsnElementItem Class Referenceabstract

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#include <gui/widgets/seq/asn_element_item.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CAsnElementItem (const CMemberId &memberId, TTypeInfo type, TConstObjectPtr ptr, size_t indent, CAsnBioContext *bioContext)
 CAsnElementItem (const CAsnElementItem &element)
virtual int GetIndent () const
void SetTrailComma (bool fTrailComma)
bool GetTrailComma () const
TTypeInfo GetType () const
TConstObjectPtr GetObjectPtr () const
void SetEditFlags (int flags)
int GetEditFlags () const
virtual const CConstRef< CObjectGetAssosiatedObject () const
virtual bool IsSelectable () const
CEditObject GetEditObject (objects::CScope &scope)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CTextSelectItem
virtual void MouseEvent (wxMouseEvent &event, CTextPanelContext &context)
virtual void GetText (wxTextOutputStream &os, const CTextBlock &block, CTextPanelContext *context)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CTextItem
 CTextItem ()
virtual void SetContainer (IContainer *container, int index)
virtual void GetContainer (IContainer *&container, int &index)
virtual wxPoint GetPosition () const
virtual wxSize GetSize () const
virtual int GetStartLine () const
virtual size_t GetLineCount () const
virtual ITextItemGetItemByLine (int lineNum, bool expanded)
virtual void SetLineCount (size_t lineCount)
virtual int GetTextLeftMargin (CTextPanelContext *context) const
virtual void CalcSize (wxDC &dc, CTextPanelContext *context)
virtual void Draw (wxDC &dc, const wxRect &updateRect, CTextPanelContext *context)
virtual bool Traverse (ICompositeTraverser &traverser)
virtual void TextPosToExpanded (CTextPosition &WXUNUSED(pos), CTextPanelContext *WXUNUSED(context)) const
virtual void TextPosToCollapsed (CTextPosition &WXUNUSED(pos), CTextPanelContext *WXUNUSED(context)) const
void RenderText (CStyledTextOStream &ostream, CTextPanelContext *context) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ITextItem
 ITextItem ()
virtual ~ITextItem ()
virtual wxRect GetRect () const
virtual string GetToolTipText (CTextPanelContext *) const
virtual void FillContextMenu (wxMenu &WXUNUSED(menu)) const
virtual objects::CScope * GetAssosiatedScope () const
CTextBlock GetItemBlock () const
virtual ITextItemClone ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void GetRealObject (TTypeInfo &type, TConstObjectPtr &ptr)
static void GetSelectionObject (TTypeInfo &type, TConstObjectPtr &ptr)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void x_RenderText (CStyledTextOStream &ostream, CTextPanelContext *context) const
virtual void RenderValue (CStyledTextOStream &ostream, CTextPanelContext *context, TTypeInfo type, TConstObjectPtr ptr) const =0
void x_RenderComma (CStyledTextOStream &ostream) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CTextSelectItem
void MouseMove (wxMouseEvent &event)
void MouseLeftDown (wxMouseEvent &event)
void MouseLeftUp (wxMouseEvent &event)
void MouseLeftDClick (wxMouseEvent &event)
virtual void x_CalcTextPos (CTextPanelContext *context, int x, int y, int &textX, int &textY, int &caretX, int &caretY)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CTextItem
virtual void x_Indent (CStyledTextOStream &ostream) const
virtual void x_RenderText (CStyledTextOStream &WXUNUSED(ostream), CTextPanelContext *WXUNUSED(context)) const

Static Protected Member Functions

static string x_GetMemberId (const CMemberId &memberId)
static void x_NormalizeType (TTypeInfo &type, TConstObjectPtr &ptr)

Protected Attributes

const CMemberIdm_MemberId
TTypeInfo m_Type
TConstObjectPtr m_Ptr
size_t m_Indent
bool m_TrailComma
int m_EditFlags
- Protected Attributes inherited from CTextItem
size_t m_LineCount
wxSize m_Size
int m_Index


class CAsnViewContext

Detailed Description

Definition at line 51 of file asn_element_item.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CAsnElementItem() [1/2]

CAsnElementItem::CAsnElementItem ( const CMemberId memberId,
TTypeInfo  type,
TConstObjectPtr  ptr,
size_t  indent,
CAsnBioContext bioContext 

Definition at line 56 of file asn_element_item.hpp.

◆ CAsnElementItem() [2/2]

CAsnElementItem::CAsnElementItem ( const CAsnElementItem element)

Definition at line 69 of file asn_element_item.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetAssosiatedObject()

const CConstRef< CObject > CAsnElementItem::GetAssosiatedObject ( ) const

◆ GetEditFlags()

int CAsnElementItem::GetEditFlags ( ) const

Definition at line 87 of file asn_element_item.hpp.

References m_EditFlags.

◆ GetEditObject()

CEditObject CAsnElementItem::GetEditObject ( objects::CScope &  scope)

◆ GetIndent()

int CAsnElementItem::GetIndent ( ) const

◆ GetObjectPtr()

TConstObjectPtr CAsnElementItem::GetObjectPtr ( void  ) const

Definition at line 84 of file asn_element_item.hpp.

References m_Ptr.

◆ GetRealObject()

void CAsnElementItem::GetRealObject ( TTypeInfo type,
TConstObjectPtr ptr 

◆ GetSelectionObject()

void CAsnElementItem::GetSelectionObject ( TTypeInfo type,
TConstObjectPtr ptr 

◆ GetTrailComma()

bool CAsnElementItem::GetTrailComma ( ) const

Definition at line 81 of file asn_element_item.hpp.

References m_TrailComma.

◆ GetType()

TTypeInfo CAsnElementItem::GetType ( void  ) const

Definition at line 83 of file asn_element_item.hpp.

References m_Type.

◆ IsSelectable()

virtual bool CAsnElementItem::IsSelectable ( ) const

Reimplemented from ITextItem.

Reimplemented in CAsnElementBlockStart, and CAsnElementBlockCollapsed.

Definition at line 91 of file asn_element_item.hpp.

References m_EditFlags.

◆ RenderValue()

virtual void CAsnElementItem::RenderValue ( CStyledTextOStream ostream,
CTextPanelContext context,
TTypeInfo  type,
TConstObjectPtr  ptr 
) const
protectedpure virtual

◆ SetEditFlags()

void CAsnElementItem::SetEditFlags ( int  flags)

Definition at line 86 of file asn_element_item.hpp.

References flags, and m_EditFlags.

◆ SetTrailComma()

void CAsnElementItem::SetTrailComma ( bool  fTrailComma)

Definition at line 80 of file asn_element_item.hpp.

References m_TrailComma.

Referenced by CAsnElementPrimitive::CreateItem(), and CAsnRetrieveJob::x_SetNoComma().

◆ x_GetMemberId()

string CAsnElementItem::x_GetMemberId ( const CMemberId memberId)

Definition at line 277 of file asn_element_item.cpp.

References NStr::IntToString(), isupper(), str(), and tolower().

Referenced by x_RenderText().

◆ x_NormalizeType()

static void CAsnElementItem::x_NormalizeType ( TTypeInfo type,
TConstObjectPtr ptr 

◆ x_RenderComma()

void CAsnElementItem::x_RenderComma ( CStyledTextOStream ostream) const

◆ x_RenderText()

void CAsnElementItem::x_RenderText ( CStyledTextOStream ostream,
CTextPanelContext context 
) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ CAsnViewContext

friend class CAsnViewContext

Definition at line 54 of file asn_element_item.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_BioContext

CAsnBioContext* CAsnElementItem::m_BioContext

Definition at line 114 of file asn_element_item.hpp.

Referenced by GetEditObject().

◆ m_EditFlags

int CAsnElementItem::m_EditFlags

Definition at line 116 of file asn_element_item.hpp.

Referenced by GetEditFlags(), IsSelectable(), and SetEditFlags().

◆ m_Indent

size_t CAsnElementItem::m_Indent

Definition at line 112 of file asn_element_item.hpp.

Referenced by GetIndent(), and CAsnElementBlockCollapsed::RenderValue().

◆ m_MemberId

const CMemberId& CAsnElementItem::m_MemberId

Definition at line 109 of file asn_element_item.hpp.

Referenced by x_RenderText().

◆ m_Ptr

TConstObjectPtr CAsnElementItem::m_Ptr

◆ m_TrailComma

bool CAsnElementItem::m_TrailComma

Definition at line 113 of file asn_element_item.hpp.

Referenced by GetTrailComma(), SetTrailComma(), and x_RenderComma().

◆ m_Type

TTypeInfo CAsnElementItem::m_Type

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