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CBLASTParams Class Reference

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CBLASTParams - save user-specified parameters and preferences. More...

#include <gui/packages/pkg_alignment/blast_search_params.hpp>

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struct  SProgInfo
 describes static attributes of a BLAST program More...
struct  SProgParams
 describes parameters for a BLAST program More...

Public Types

enum  ESubjectType { eSequences , eNCBIDB , eLocalDB }
typedef CMRUList< stringTMRUDatabases
typedef CMRUList< stringTMRUQueries
typedef set< string, PNocaseTRepeatLibs

Public Member Functions

 CBLASTParams ()
boolIsNucInput ()
bool IsNucInput () const
TConstScopedObjectsGetSeqLocs ()
const TConstScopedObjectsGetSeqLocs () const
blast::EProgramGetCurrProgram ()
 returns the current program for the currently selected input type More...
const blast::EProgram GetCurrProgram () const
blast::EProgramGetProgram (bool nuc)
 returns the selected programs for the given input type More...
const blast::EProgram GetProgram (bool nuc) const
stringGetCurrDatabase ()
 returns the current database for the current program More...
const stringGetCurrDatabase () const
stringGetDatabase (bool nuc_db)
 returns the database of the specified type More...
const stringGetDatabase (bool nuc_db) const
TMRUDatabasesGetCurrMRUDatabases ()
 returns MRU databases for the current program More...
TMRUDatabasesGetMRUDatabases (bool nuc_db)
stringGetEntrezQuery ()
string GetEntrezQuery () const
bool IsSubjNucInput () const
TConstScopedObjectsGetSubjSeqLocs ()
const TConstScopedObjectsGetSubjSeqLocs () const
SProgParamsGetCurrParams ()
 returns params for the current program More...
const SProgParamsGetCurrParams () const
void ResetCurrParams ()
stringGetAdvancedParams ()
string GetAdvancedParams () const
stringGetJobTitle ()
string GetJobTitle () const
bool IsStandaloneRequested () const
void StandaloneRequested (bool req)
bool IsCompartmentsRequested () const
void FindCompartments (bool req)
void SetWM_Dir (const string &wm_dir_path)
const stringGetWmDir () const
vector< string > & ToArgVec (vector< string > &arg_vec) const
CArgsToArgs (vector< string > &argv) const
CRef< blast::CBlastOptionsHandle > ToBlastOptions (bool local=false) const
CRef< blast::CBlastOptionsHandle > ToArgVecBlastOptions (vector< string > &arg_vec, bool local=true) const
objects::CUser_object * ToUserObject () const
void FromUserObject (const objects::CUser_object &user_obj)
void PrintParams (const string &log_title) const
 LOG_POST params for forensic purposes. More...
string GetLocalNucDB () const
void SetLocalNucDB (const string &value)
string GetLocalProtDB () const
void SetLocalProtDB (const string &value)
ESubjectType GetSubjectType () const
void SetSubjectType (ESubjectType subjectType)
bool GetLocalDBLoader () const
void SetLocalDBLoader (bool value)

Static Public Member Functions

static TRepeatLibs GetAllRepeatLibs ()
static string GetRepeatLib (const string &repeat_db)
static string GetRepeatDb (const string &repeat_lib)
static void GetProgramLabels (bool nuc_input, vector< string > &labels)
static string GetProgramLabel (blast::EProgram program)
static blast::EProgram GetProgramByLabel (const string &str)
static bool IsNucInput (blast::EProgram program)
static bool IsNucDatabase (blast::EProgram program)
static bool UseDustFilter (blast::EProgram program)
static bool NeedsThreshold (blast::EProgram program)
static bool NeedsDbGeneticCode (blast::EProgram program)
static bool NeedsQueryGeneticCode (blast::EProgram program)
static int GetGeneticCodeByLabel (const string &label)
static string GetGeneticCodeLabel (int code_id)
static void GetGeneticCodeLabels (vector< string > &labels)

Protected Types

typedef map< blast::EProgram, const SProgInfo * > TProgramAttrMap
typedef map< blast::EProgram, SProgParamsTProgramParamsMap

Protected Member Functions

void x_AddProgramParams (blast::EProgram program, int thresh, int word, int ev)
void x_ArgsToBlastOptions (const string &cmd_line, blast::CBlastOptions &opts) const

Static Protected Member Functions

static objects::CUser_object * x_ToUserObject (blast::EProgram prg, const SProgParams &params)
 converts SProgParams into CUser_object More...
static void x_FromUserObject (const objects::CUser_object &user_obj, blast::EProgram prg, SProgParams &params)
 reads SProgParams fields from CUser_object More...

Protected Attributes

bool m_NucInput
TConstScopedObjects m_SeqLocs
blast::EProgram m_NucProgram
blast::EProgram m_ProtProgram
string m_NucDatabase
string m_ProtDatabase
TMRUDatabases m_NucMRUDatabases
TMRUDatabases m_ProtMRUDatabases
string m_EntrezQuery
 Params applying only to BLAST Search. More...
TMRUQueries m_MRUQueries
TConstScopedObjects m_SubjSeqLocs
 Params applying only to BLAST Sequences. More...
TProgramParamsMap m_ProgToParams
 Common parameters. More...
string m_AdvancedParams
string m_JobTitle
bool mf_FindComparts
bool mf_Standalone
string m_WM_Dir
 path to WM statistics databases More...
string m_LocalNucDB
string m_LocalProtDB
ESubjectType m_SubjectType
bool m_LocalDBLoader

Static Protected Attributes

static TProgramAttrMap sm_ProgramToAttr

Detailed Description

CBLASTParams - save user-specified parameters and preferences.

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