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CBedAutoSql Class Reference

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#include "bed_autosql.hpp"
(Private to src/objtools/readers.)

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Public Types

using ValueParser = void(*)(const string &, CUser_object &)

Public Member Functions

 CBedAutoSql (int)
 ~CBedAutoSql ()
bool Load (CNcbiIstream &, CReaderMessageHandler &)
bool Validate (CReaderMessageHandler &) const
size_t ColumnCount () const
bool ReadSeqFeat (const CBedColumnData &, CSeq_feat &feat, CReaderMessageHandler &) const

Protected Member Functions

string xReadLine (CNcbiIstream &)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void mParseString (const string &, CUser_field &)
static bool xParseAutoSqlColumnDef (const string &, string &, string &, string &)

Protected Attributes

int mBedFlags
map< string, stringmParameters
CAutoSqlStandardFields mWellKnownFields
CAutoSqlCustomFields mCustomFields
size_t mColumnCount

Private Member Functions

void xProcessLine (const string &line, bool &readingTable, size_t &autoSqlColCounter)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 47 of file bed_autosql.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ValueParser

Definition at line 51 of file bed_autosql.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CBedAutoSql()

CBedAutoSql::CBedAutoSql ( int  bedFlags)

Definition at line 49 of file bed_autosql.cpp.

◆ ~CBedAutoSql()

CBedAutoSql::~CBedAutoSql ( )

Definition at line 57 of file bed_autosql.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ColumnCount()

size_t CBedAutoSql::ColumnCount ( ) const

Definition at line 163 of file bed_autosql.cpp.

References mColumnCount.

◆ Load()

bool CBedAutoSql::Load ( CNcbiIstream istr,
CReaderMessageHandler messageHandler 

◆ mParseString()

static void CBedAutoSql::mParseString ( const string ,

◆ ReadSeqFeat()

bool CBedAutoSql::ReadSeqFeat ( const CBedColumnData columnData,
CSeq_feat feat,
CReaderMessageHandler messageHandler 
) const

Definition at line 185 of file bed_autosql.cpp.

◆ Validate()

bool CBedAutoSql::Validate ( CReaderMessageHandler messageHandler) const

Definition at line 214 of file bed_autosql.cpp.

References eDiag_Error, and fatal().

Referenced by Load().

◆ xParseAutoSqlColumnDef()

bool CBedAutoSql::xParseAutoSqlColumnDef ( const string line,
string format,
string name,
string description 

◆ xProcessLine()

void CBedAutoSql::xProcessLine ( const string line,
bool readingTable,
size_t &  autoSqlColCounter 

◆ xReadLine()

string CBedAutoSql::xReadLine ( CNcbiIstream istr)

Definition at line 171 of file bed_autosql.cpp.

References NStr::TruncateSpacesInPlace().

Referenced by Load().

Member Data Documentation

◆ mBedFlags

int CBedAutoSql::mBedFlags

Definition at line 79 of file bed_autosql.hpp.

◆ mColumnCount

size_t CBedAutoSql::mColumnCount

Definition at line 83 of file bed_autosql.hpp.

Referenced by ColumnCount(), Load(), and xProcessLine().

◆ mCustomFields

CAutoSqlCustomFields CBedAutoSql::mCustomFields

Definition at line 82 of file bed_autosql.hpp.

Referenced by Load(), and xProcessLine().

◆ mParameters

map<string, string> CBedAutoSql::mParameters

Definition at line 80 of file bed_autosql.hpp.

Referenced by xProcessLine().

◆ mWellKnownFields

CAutoSqlStandardFields CBedAutoSql::mWellKnownFields

Definition at line 81 of file bed_autosql.hpp.

Referenced by Load(), and xProcessLine().

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