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CBioTreeFeatureList Class Reference

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Features storage for the bio tree node. More...

#include <algo/phy_tree/bio_tree.hpp>

Public Types

typedef vector< CBioTreeFeaturePairTFeatureList

Public Member Functions

 CBioTreeFeatureList ()
 CBioTreeFeatureList (const CBioTreeFeatureList &flist)
CBioTreeFeatureListoperator= (const CBioTreeFeatureList &flist)
void SetFeature (TBioTreeFeatureId id, const string &value)
 Set feature value, feature if exists replaced, if not added. More...
const stringGetFeatureValue (TBioTreeFeatureId id) const
 Get feature value by id. More...
bool GetFeatureValue (TBioTreeFeatureId id, string &result) const
 Place feature value in 'result', if available. More...
void RemoveFeature (TBioTreeFeatureId id)
 Remove feature from the list. More...
const stringoperator[] (TBioTreeFeatureId id) const
 Get feature value by id (operator semantics) More...
const TFeatureListGetFeatureList () const
 Return reference on the internal container. More...

Protected Attributes

TFeatureList m_FeatureList

Detailed Description

Features storage for the bio tree node.

Every node in the bio tree may have a list of attached features. Features are string attributes which may vary from node to node in the tree.

Implementation note: This class may evolve into a specialized templates parameterizing different feature storage options (like vector, map, list) depending on what tree is used.

Definition at line 100 of file bio_tree.hpp.

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