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CBioseq_EditHandle Class Reference

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CBioseq_EditHandle –. More...

#include <objmgr/bioseq_handle.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  ERemoveMode { eRemoveSeq_entry , eKeepSeq_entry }
 Remove current bioseq from its location. More...
- Public Types inherited from CBioseq_Handle
enum  EBioseqStateFlags {
  fState_none = 0 , fState_suppress_temp = 1 << 0 , fState_suppress_perm = 1 << 1 , fState_suppress ,
  fState_dead = 1 << 2 , fState_confidential = 1 << 3 , fState_withdrawn = 1 << 4 , fState_no_data = 1 << 5 ,
  fState_conflict = 1 << 6 , fState_not_found = 1 << 7 , fState_other_error = 1 << 8
 State of bioseq handle. More...
enum  ESequenceClass { eSequenceClass_none , eSequenceClass_INSD , eSequenceClass_REFSEQ , eSequenceClass_TPA }
enum  EFindSegment { eFindSegment_NoLimit , eFindSegment_LimitTSE }
 Segment search flags. More...
enum  EVectorCoding { eCoding_NotSet , eCoding_Ncbi , eCoding_Iupac }
 CSeqVector constructor flags. More...
enum  EVectorStrand { eStrand_Plus , eStrand_Minus }
enum  EFeatureFetchPolicy { eFeatureFetchPolicy_default = 0 , eFeatureFetchPolicy_only_near = 1 , eFeatureFetchPolicy_allow_far = 2 }
 Feature fetch policy describes when to look for features on sequence segments. More...
typedef int TBioseqStateFlags
typedef CConstRef< CBioseqTBioseqCore
 Bioseq core – using partially populated CBioseq. More...
typedef CBioseq TObject
 Unified interface for templates. More...
typedef vector< CSeq_id_HandleTId
typedef CSeq_descr TDescr
typedef CSeq_inst TInst
typedef TInst::TRepr TInst_Repr
typedef TInst::TMol TInst_Mol
typedef TInst::TLength TInst_Length
typedef TInst::TFuzz TInst_Fuzz
typedef TInst::TTopology TInst_Topology
typedef TInst::TStrand TInst_Strand
typedef TInst::TSeq_data TInst_Seq_data
typedef TInst::TExt TInst_Ext
typedef TInst::THist TInst_Hist
typedef CSeq_inst::TMol TMol

Public Member Functions

 CBioseq_EditHandle (void)
 CBioseq_EditHandle (const CBioseq_Handle &h)
 create edit interface class to the object which already allows editing throw an exception if the argument is not in editing mode More...
CSeq_entry_EditHandle GetParentEntry (void) const
 Navigate object tree. More...
void ResetId (void) const
bool AddId (const CSeq_id_Handle &id) const
bool RemoveId (const CSeq_id_Handle &id) const
void ResetDescr (void) const
void SetDescr (TDescr &v) const
TDescrSetDescr (void) const
bool AddSeqdesc (CSeqdesc &d) const
CRef< CSeqdescRemoveSeqdesc (const CSeqdesc &d) const
CRef< CSeqdescReplaceSeqdesc (const CSeqdesc &old_desc, CSeqdesc &new_desc) const
void AddSeq_descr (TDescr &v) const
void SetInst (TInst &v) const
void SetInst_Repr (TInst_Repr v) const
void SetInst_Mol (TInst_Mol v) const
void SetInst_Length (TInst_Length v) const
void SetInst_Fuzz (TInst_Fuzz &v) const
void SetInst_Topology (TInst_Topology v) const
void SetInst_Strand (TInst_Strand v) const
void SetInst_Seq_data (TInst_Seq_data &v) const
void SetInst_Ext (TInst_Ext &v) const
void SetInst_Hist (TInst_Hist &v) const
CSeq_annot_EditHandle AttachAnnot (CSeq_annot &annot) const
 Attach an annotation. More...
CSeq_annot_EditHandle CopyAnnot (const CSeq_annot_Handle &annot) const
 Attach a copy of the annotation. More...
CSeq_annot_EditHandle TakeAnnot (const CSeq_annot_EditHandle &annot) const
 Remove the annotation from its location and attach to current one. More...
CBioseq_EditHandle MoveTo (const CSeq_entry_EditHandle &entry, int index=-1) const
 Move current bioseq into seq-entry. More...
CBioseq_EditHandle MoveTo (const CBioseq_set_EditHandle &seqset, int index=-1) const
 Move current bioseq into seqset. More...
CBioseq_EditHandle MoveToSeq (const CSeq_entry_EditHandle &entry) const
 Move current bioseq into seq-entry and set seq-entry as bioseq. More...
void Remove (ERemoveMode mode=eRemoveSeq_entry) const
CSeqMapSetSeqMap (void) const
 Get CSeqMap object for sequence editing. More...
CBioseq_ScopeInfox_GetScopeInfo (void) const
CBioseq_Infox_GetInfo (void) const
void x_RealResetDescr (void) const
void x_RealSetDescr (TDescr &v) const
bool x_RealAddSeqdesc (CSeqdesc &d) const
CRef< CSeqdescx_RealRemoveSeqdesc (const CSeqdesc &d) const
CRef< CSeqdescx_RealReplaceSeqdesc (const CSeqdesc &old_desc, CSeqdesc &new_desc) const
void x_RealAddSeq_descr (TDescr &v) const
void x_RealResetId (void) const
bool x_RealAddId (const CSeq_id_Handle &id) const
bool x_RealRemoveId (const CSeq_id_Handle &id) const
void x_RealSetInst (TInst &v) const
void x_RealSetInst_Repr (TInst_Repr v) const
void x_RealSetInst_Mol (TInst_Mol v) const
void x_RealSetInst_Length (TInst_Length v) const
void x_RealSetInst_Fuzz (TInst_Fuzz &v) const
void x_RealSetInst_Topology (TInst_Topology v) const
void x_RealSetInst_Strand (TInst_Strand v) const
void x_RealSetInst_Seq_data (TInst_Seq_data &v) const
void x_RealSetInst_Ext (TInst_Ext &v) const
void x_RealSetInst_Hist (TInst_Hist &v) const
void x_RealResetInst () const
void x_RealResetInst_Repr () const
void x_RealResetInst_Mol () const
void x_RealResetInst_Length () const
void x_RealResetInst_Fuzz () const
void x_RealResetInst_Topology () const
void x_RealResetInst_Strand () const
void x_RealResetInst_Seq_data () const
void x_RealResetInst_Ext () const
void x_RealResetInst_Hist () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CBioseq_Handle
 CBioseq_Handle (void)
void Reset (void)
 Reset handle and make it not to point to any bioseq. More...
CScopeGetScope (void) const
 Get scope this handle belongs to. More...
CConstRef< CSeq_idGetSeqId (void) const
 Get id which can be used to access this bioseq handle Throws an exception if none is available. More...
CConstRef< CSeq_idGetInitialSeqIdOrNull (void) const
 Get id used to obtain this bioseq handle. More...
CConstRef< CSeq_idGetNonLocalIdOrNull (void) const
 Find a non-local ID if present, consulting assembly details if all IDs for the overall sequence are local. More...
CConstRef< CSeq_idGetLocalIdOrNull (void) const
const CBioObjectIdGetBioObjectId (void) const
 Get unique object id. More...
const CSeq_id_HandleGetSeq_id_Handle (void) const
 Get handle of id used to obtain this bioseq handle. More...
CSeq_id_Handle GetAccessSeq_id_Handle (void) const
 Get any CSeq_id_Handle handle that can be used to access this bioseq Use GetSeq_id_Handle() if it's non-null. More...
TBioseqStateFlags GetState (void) const
 Get state of the bioseq. More...
bool State_SuppressedTemp (void) const
bool State_SuppressedPerm (void) const
bool State_Suppressed (void) const
bool State_Confidential (void) const
bool State_Dead (void) const
bool State_Withdrawn (void) const
bool State_NoData (void) const
bool State_Conflict (void) const
bool State_NotFound (void) const
bool IsSynonym (const CSeq_id &id) const
 Check if this id can be used to obtain this bioseq handle. More...
bool IsSynonym (const CSeq_id_Handle &idh) const
CConstRef< CSynonymsSetGetSynonyms (void) const
 Get the bioseq's synonyms. More...
CSeq_entry_Handle GetParentEntry (void) const
 Get parent Seq-entry handle. More...
CBioseq_set_Handle GetParentBioseq_set (void) const
 Return a handle for the parent Bioseq-set, or null handle. More...
CSeq_entry_Handle GetSeq_entry_Handle (void) const
 Get parent Seq-entry handle. More...
CSeq_entry_Handle GetTopLevelEntry (void) const
 Get top level Seq-entry handle. More...
CBioseq_EditHandle GetEditHandle (void) const
 Get 'edit' version of handle. More...
TBioseqCore GetBioseqCore (void) const
 Get bioseq core structure. More...
CConstRef< CBioseqGetCompleteBioseq (void) const
 Get the complete bioseq. More...
CConstRef< TObjectGetCompleteObject (void) const
CConstRef< TObjectGetObjectCore (void) const
bool IsSetId (void) const
bool CanGetId (void) const
const TIdGetId (void) const
bool IsSetDescr (void) const
bool CanGetDescr (void) const
const TDescrGetDescr (void) const
bool IsSetInst (void) const
bool CanGetInst (void) const
const TInstGetInst (void) const
bool IsSetInst_Repr (void) const
bool CanGetInst_Repr (void) const
TInst_Repr GetInst_Repr (void) const
bool IsSetInst_Mol (void) const
bool CanGetInst_Mol (void) const
TInst_Mol GetInst_Mol (void) const
bool IsSetInst_Length (void) const
bool CanGetInst_Length (void) const
TInst_Length GetInst_Length (void) const
TSeqPos GetBioseqLength (void) const
bool IsSetInst_Fuzz (void) const
bool CanGetInst_Fuzz (void) const
const TInst_FuzzGetInst_Fuzz (void) const
bool IsSetInst_Topology (void) const
bool CanGetInst_Topology (void) const
TInst_Topology GetInst_Topology (void) const
bool IsSetInst_Strand (void) const
bool CanGetInst_Strand (void) const
TInst_Strand GetInst_Strand (void) const
bool IsSetInst_Seq_data (void) const
bool CanGetInst_Seq_data (void) const
const TInst_Seq_dataGetInst_Seq_data (void) const
bool IsSetInst_Ext (void) const
bool CanGetInst_Ext (void) const
const TInst_ExtGetInst_Ext (void) const
bool IsSetInst_Hist (void) const
bool CanGetInst_Hist (void) const
const TInst_HistGetInst_Hist (void) const
bool HasAnnots (void) const
TMol GetSequenceType (void) const
bool IsProtein (void) const
bool IsNucleotide (void) const
CSeq_entry_Handle GetComplexityLevel (CBioseq_set::EClass cls) const
 Go up to a certain complexity level (or the nearest level of the same priority if the required class is not found): level class 0 not-set (0) , 3 nuc-prot (1) , – nuc acid and coded proteins 2 segset (2) , – segmented sequence + parts 2 conset (3) , – constructed sequence + parts 1 parts (4) , – parts for 2 or 3 1 gibb (5) , – geninfo backbone 1 gi (6) , – geninfo 5 genbank (7) , – converted genbank 3 pir (8) , – converted pir 4 pub-set (9) , – all the seqs from a single publication 4 equiv (10) , – a set of equivalent maps or seqs 3 swissprot (11) , – converted SWISSPROT 3 pdb-entry (12) , – a complete PDB entry 4 mut-set (13) , – set of mutations 4 pop-set (14) , – population study 4 phy-set (15) , – phylogenetic study 4 eco-set (16) , – ecological sample study 4 gen-prod-set (17) , – genomic products, chrom+mRNa+protein 4 wgs-set (18) , – whole genome shotgun project 0 other (255) More...
CSeq_entry_Handle GetExactComplexityLevel (CBioseq_set::EClass cls) const
 Return level with exact complexity, or empty handle if not found. More...
TMol GetBioseqMolType (void) const
 Get some values from core: More...
bool IsNa (void) const
bool IsAa (void) const
ESequenceClass GetSequenceClass (void) const
const CSeqMapGetSeqMap (void) const
 Get sequence map. More...
bool ContainsSegment (const CSeq_id &id, size_t resolve_depth=kMax_Int, EFindSegment limit_flag=eFindSegment_NoLimit) const
 Check if the seq-id describes a segment of the bioseq. More...
bool ContainsSegment (CSeq_id_Handle id, size_t resolve_depth=kMax_Int, EFindSegment limit_flag=eFindSegment_NoLimit) const
bool ContainsSegment (const CBioseq_Handle &part, size_t resolve_depth=kMax_Int, EFindSegment limit_flag=eFindSegment_NoLimit) const
CSeqVector GetSeqVector (EVectorCoding coding, ENa_strand strand=eNa_strand_plus) const
 Get sequence: Iupacna or Iupacaa if use_iupac_coding is true. More...
CSeqVector GetSeqVector (ENa_strand strand=eNa_strand_plus) const
 Get sequence. More...
CSeqVector GetSeqVector (EVectorCoding coding, EVectorStrand strand) const
 Get sequence: Iupacna or Iupacaa if use_iupac_coding is true. More...
CSeqVector GetSeqVector (EVectorStrand strand) const
 Get sequence. More...
CRef< CSeq_locGetRangeSeq_loc (TSeqPos start, TSeqPos stop, ENa_strand strand=eNa_strand_unknown) const
 Return CSeq_loc referencing the given range and strand on the bioseq If start == 0, stop == 0, and strand == eNa_strand_unknown, CSeq_loc will be of type 'whole'. More...
CRef< CSeq_locMapLocation (const CSeq_loc &loc) const
 Map a seq-loc from the bioseq's segment to the bioseq. More...
bool operator== (const CBioseq_Handle &h) const
 Check if handles point to the same bioseq. More...
bool operator!= (const CBioseq_Handle &h) const
bool operator< (const CBioseq_Handle &h) const
 For usage in containers. More...
 Check if handle points to a bioseq and is not removed. More...
bool IsRemoved (void) const
 Check if handle points to a removed bioseq. More...
const CTSE_HandleGetTSE_Handle (void) const
 Get CTSE_Handle of containing TSE. More...
CBioseq_EditHandle CopyTo (const CSeq_entry_EditHandle &entry, int index=-1) const
 Copy current bioseq into seq-entry. More...
CBioseq_EditHandle CopyTo (const CBioseq_set_EditHandle &seqset, int index=-1) const
 Copy current bioseq into seqset. More...
CBioseq_EditHandle CopyToSeq (const CSeq_entry_EditHandle &entry) const
 Copy current bioseq into seq-entry and set seq-entry as bioseq. More...
bool AddUsedBioseq (const CBioseq_Handle &bh) const
 Register argument bioseq as used by this bioseq, so it will be released by scope only after this bioseq is released. More...
EFeatureFetchPolicy GetFeatureFetchPolicy (void) const
const CBioseq_Infox_GetInfo (void) const

Protected Member Functions

 CBioseq_EditHandle (const CSeq_id_Handle &id, TScopeInfo &info)
 CBioseq_EditHandle (const CSeq_id_Handle &id, const TLock &lock)
void x_Detach (void) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CBioseq_Handle
 CBioseq_Handle (const CSeq_id_Handle &id, const TScopeInfo &info)
 CBioseq_Handle (const CSeq_id_Handle &id, const TLock &lock)
CScope_Implx_GetScopeImpl (void) const
const CBioseq_ScopeInfox_GetScopeInfo (void) const


class CScope_Impl

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from CBioseq_Handle
typedef CBioseq_ScopeInfo TScopeInfo
typedef CScopeInfo_Ref< TScopeInfoTLock
- Protected Attributes inherited from CBioseq_Handle
CSeq_id_Handle m_Handle_Seq_id
TLock m_Info

Detailed Description

CBioseq_EditHandle –.

Proxy to access and edit the bioseq data

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