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CBlockingQueue_ForServer Class Reference

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#include <connect/impl/thread_pool_for_server.hpp>

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class  CCompletingHandle
 It may be desirable to store handles obtained from GetHandle() in instances of CCompletingHandle to ensure that they are marked as complete when all is said and done, even in the face of exceptions. More...
class  CQueueItem

Public Types

typedef CRef< CQueueItemTItemHandle
typedef CRef< CStdRequestTRequest

Public Member Functions

 CBlockingQueue_ForServer (void)
 Constructor. More...
TItemHandle Put (const TRequest &request)
 Put a request into the queue. More...
TItemHandle GetHandle (void)
 Get the first available request from the queue, and return a handle to it. More...

Protected Types

typedef deque< TItemHandleTRealQueue
 The type of the queue. More...

Protected Attributes

TRealQueue m_Queue
 The queue. More...
CConditionVariable m_GetCond
CMutex m_Mutex
 Guards access to queue. More...

Private Member Functions

 CBlockingQueue_ForServer (const CBlockingQueue_ForServer &)
 forbidden More...
CBlockingQueue_ForServeroperator= (const CBlockingQueue_ForServer &)

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Definition at line 67 of file thread_pool_for_server.hpp.

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