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CCassSplitHistoryFetch Class Reference

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#include "cass_fetch.hpp"
(Private to src/app/pubseq_gateway/server.)

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Public Member Functions

 CCassSplitHistoryFetch (const SPSGS_TSEChunkRequest &chunk_request, const SCass_BlobId &tse_id, int64_t split_version)
virtual ~CCassSplitHistoryFetch ()
virtual string Serialize (void) const
SCass_BlobId GetTSEId (void) const
int64_t GetChunk (void) const
int64_t GetSplitVersion (void) const
SPSGS_RequestBase::EPSGS_CacheAndDbUse GetUseCache (void) const
void SetLoader (CCassBlobTaskFetchSplitHistory *fetch)
CCassBlobTaskFetchSplitHistoryGetLoader (void)
virtual void ResetCallbacks (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CCassFetch
 CCassFetch ()
 CCassFetch (const string &client_id, const SCass_BlobId &blob_id)
virtual ~CCassFetch ()
CCassBlobWaiterGetLoader (void)
void SetReadFinished (void)
EPSGS_DbFetchType GetFetchType (void) const
bool ReadFinished (void) const
void SetInPeek (bool val)
bool InPeek (void) const
bool Canceled (void) const
void Cancel (void)
bool IsBlobFetch (void) const
SCass_BlobId GetBlobId (void) const
string GetClientId (void) const
void RemoveFromExcludeBlobCache (void)
EPSGS_CacheAddResult AddToExcludeBlobCache (bool &completed, psg_time_point_t &completed_time)
void SetExcludeBlobCacheUpdated (bool value)
void SetExcludeBlobCacheCompleted (void)

Private Attributes

SCass_BlobId m_TSEId
int64_t m_Chunk
int64_t m_SplitVersion
SPSGS_RequestBase::EPSGS_CacheAndDbUse m_UseCache

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from CCassFetch
unique_ptr< CCassBlobWaiterm_Loader
bool m_FinishedRead
bool m_InPeek
EPSGS_DbFetchType m_FetchType
bool m_Canceled
string m_ClientId
SCass_BlobId m_BlobId
bool m_ExcludeBlobCacheUpdated

Detailed Description

Definition at line 456 of file cass_fetch.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CCassSplitHistoryFetch()

CCassSplitHistoryFetch::CCassSplitHistoryFetch ( const SPSGS_TSEChunkRequest chunk_request,
const SCass_BlobId tse_id,
int64_t  split_version 

Definition at line 459 of file cass_fetch.hpp.

References ePSGS_SplitHistoryFetch.

◆ ~CCassSplitHistoryFetch()

virtual CCassSplitHistoryFetch::~CCassSplitHistoryFetch ( )

Definition at line 470 of file cass_fetch.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetChunk()

int64_t CCassSplitHistoryFetch::GetChunk ( void  ) const

Definition at line 482 of file cass_fetch.hpp.

Referenced by CPSGS_TSEChunkProcessor::x_RequestTSEChunk().

◆ GetLoader()

CCassBlobTaskFetchSplitHistory* CCassSplitHistoryFetch::GetLoader ( void  )

◆ GetSplitVersion()

int64_t CCassSplitHistoryFetch::GetSplitVersion ( void  ) const

Definition at line 485 of file cass_fetch.hpp.

Referenced by CPSGS_TSEChunkProcessor::OnGetSplitHistory().

◆ GetTSEId()

SCass_BlobId CCassSplitHistoryFetch::GetTSEId ( void  ) const

◆ GetUseCache()

SPSGS_RequestBase::EPSGS_CacheAndDbUse CCassSplitHistoryFetch::GetUseCache ( void  ) const

Definition at line 488 of file cass_fetch.hpp.

Referenced by CPSGS_TSEChunkProcessor::x_RequestTSEChunk().

◆ ResetCallbacks()

void CCassSplitHistoryFetch::ResetCallbacks ( void  )

◆ Serialize()

virtual string CCassSplitHistoryFetch::Serialize ( void  ) const

Implements CCassFetch.

Definition at line 473 of file cass_fetch.hpp.

◆ SetLoader()

void CCassSplitHistoryFetch::SetLoader ( CCassBlobTaskFetchSplitHistory fetch)

Definition at line 491 of file cass_fetch.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_Chunk

int64_t CCassSplitHistoryFetch::m_Chunk

Definition at line 502 of file cass_fetch.hpp.

◆ m_SplitVersion

int64_t CCassSplitHistoryFetch::m_SplitVersion

Definition at line 503 of file cass_fetch.hpp.

◆ m_TSEId

SCass_BlobId CCassSplitHistoryFetch::m_TSEId

Definition at line 501 of file cass_fetch.hpp.

◆ m_UseCache

SPSGS_RequestBase::EPSGS_CacheAndDbUse CCassSplitHistoryFetch::m_UseCache

Definition at line 504 of file cass_fetch.hpp.

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