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CCdsForMrnaPlugin Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 CCdsForMrnaPlugin (CGetOverlappingFeaturesPlugin *prev_plugin)
virtual ~CCdsForMrnaPlugin ()
virtual void processSAnnotSelector (SAnnotSelector &sel)
virtual void setUpFeatureIterator (CBioseq_Handle &bioseq_handle, unique_ptr< CFeat_CI > &feat_ci, TSeqPos circular_length, CRange< TSeqPos > &range, const CSeq_loc &loc, SAnnotSelector &sel, CScope &scope, ENa_strand &strand)
virtual void processLoc (CBioseq_Handle &bioseq_handle, CRef< CSeq_loc > &loc, TSeqPos circular_length)
virtual void processMainLoop (bool &shouldContinueToNextIteration, CRef< CSeq_loc > &cleaned_loc_this_iteration, CRef< CSeq_loc > &candidate_feat_loc, EOverlapType &overlap_type_this_iteration, bool &revert_locations_this_iteration, CBioseq_Handle &bioseq_handle, const CMappedFeat &feat, TSeqPos circular_length, SAnnotSelector::EOverlapType annot_overlap_type)
virtual void postProcessDiffAmount (Int8 &cur_diff, CRef< CSeq_loc > &cleaned_loc, CRef< CSeq_loc > &candidate_feat_loc, CScope &scope, SAnnotSelector &sel, TSeqPos circular_length)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGetOverlappingFeaturesPlugin
virtual ~CGetOverlappingFeaturesPlugin ()

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

Definition at line 1776 of file sequence.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CCdsForMrnaPlugin()

CCdsForMrnaPlugin::CCdsForMrnaPlugin ( CGetOverlappingFeaturesPlugin prev_plugin)

Definition at line 1779 of file sequence.cpp.

◆ ~CCdsForMrnaPlugin()

virtual CCdsForMrnaPlugin::~CCdsForMrnaPlugin ( )

Definition at line 1781 of file sequence.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ postProcessDiffAmount()

virtual void CCdsForMrnaPlugin::postProcessDiffAmount ( Int8 cur_diff,
CRef< CSeq_loc > &  cleaned_loc,
CRef< CSeq_loc > &  candidate_feat_loc,
CScope scope,
SAnnotSelector sel,
TSeqPos  circular_length 

◆ processLoc()

virtual void CCdsForMrnaPlugin::processLoc ( CBioseq_Handle bioseq_handle,
CRef< CSeq_loc > &  loc,
TSeqPos  circular_length 

◆ processMainLoop()

virtual void CCdsForMrnaPlugin::processMainLoop ( bool shouldContinueToNextIteration,
CRef< CSeq_loc > &  cleaned_loc_this_iteration,
CRef< CSeq_loc > &  candidate_feat_loc,
EOverlapType overlap_type_this_iteration,
bool revert_locations_this_iteration,
CBioseq_Handle bioseq_handle,
const CMappedFeat feat,
TSeqPos  circular_length,
SAnnotSelector::EOverlapType  annot_overlap_type 

◆ processSAnnotSelector()

virtual void CCdsForMrnaPlugin::processSAnnotSelector ( SAnnotSelector sel)

◆ setUpFeatureIterator()

virtual void CCdsForMrnaPlugin::setUpFeatureIterator ( CBioseq_Handle bioseq_handle,
unique_ptr< CFeat_CI > &  feat_ci,
TSeqPos  circular_length,
CRange< TSeqPos > &  range,
const CSeq_loc loc,
SAnnotSelector sel,
CScope scope,
ENa_strand strand 

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_PrevPlugin

CGetOverlappingFeaturesPlugin* CCdsForMrnaPlugin::m_PrevPlugin

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